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The circuit for this Arduino based guitar looper is fairly simple. Keep in mind the Arduino is only one small part of this build. The guts of this project is a patch for Pure Data which does all the audio crunching. via

Here’s how to make a little pedal for electric guitar. The idea is to connect the Arduino pedals, and using software to control sound processing, we made ourselves with Pure Data. Here I show you an example of a looper, but it can also be a rack of effects without problem.

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6 thoughts on “DIY guitar looper

  1. mIG says:

    As Kev from The Office would say:


    I love it whenever pd gets mentioned by the way! I keep trying to learn it but it’s hard as hell. There are some amazing free web resources for it but it takes TIME!

    1. Marc de Vinck says:

      I totally agree, PD is amazing, but it does take a lot of time to figure out. Does anyone have some good tutorials (videos)?

      1. says:

        What are you trying to learn exactly? Pd can be very useful for anything from sample-crunching to FFT synthesis to visuals to human interface prototyping. It is a great “glue” language… I’ve recommended the Pd Forum before, and will again. There, i just did.

        It is a VERY active forum, one of the most supportive and prolific user bases anywhere. It seems that no mater what project you get involved in in the os multimedia world, SOMEbody is a Pd’er.

        1. Marc de Vinck says:

          To be honest, I’m not really sure what I would use PD for? It seems like every time I come across a PD project it’s cool, and I think “I have to learn PD”.

          Thanks for the link….looks great…already found some interesting topics on video detection (something I am working on in Processing).

  2. Mark says:

    To be accurate, this post should be renamed. This is not a LOOP pedal, it is a pedal interface for software. A loop pedal is stand-alone and can be used without a computer.

  3. Darryl Adams says:

    Broken link. Where do I see the circuit?

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