Arduino EMF detector gets numeric

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Arduino EMF detector gets numeric


One of the great things about remaking simple projects is the extra time they allow us to add enhancements and a personal touch. Instructable member computergeek swapped out the LED bargraph from my EMF detector to create a single-digit numerical display version. Good idea –

A while back I saw an EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Detector at that used a led bargraph. I decided to modify it to use a 7-Segment LED Display! Here’s my project. Sorry I don’t have any pictures of it in use. Hopefully I can post some soon.

Credit goes to Aaron ALAI for the original project . Also Conner Cunningham at Make: for doing a remake .

Thanks – I’ll pass that on to Conner next time I see him ;) Here’s hoping we’ll soon see a 3D graphical representation of nearby fields … mapped to augmented reality? … k, maybe that’s a bit of jump from a 7-segment – an LCD perhaps?


Making the Arduino EMF detector

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