Arduino for breakfast?

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Arduino for breakfast?

Arduino Breakfast

Like many of us, Justin doessn’t have time to cook up a real breakfast before heading out in the morning. So he put Chef Arduino to work automating the process using a relay interface and a few other components –

So I hooked up a coffee maker, and two electric stove surfaces to the RelaySquid. Then I ran the RelaySquid with a slightly modified version of the BitDJ code, which I edited to make it time the signals to the RelaySquid to turn on the bacon hotplate for 7 minutes, followed by coffee for 2 minutes, and then the egg for 7 minutes (the coffee and egg run in parallel to start). The end result is crispy bacon that’s had a chance to dry out a little, coffee that’s not too hot, and a fresh hot egg!

Head over to the site for video proof of the finished product – Arduino! Make me breakfast!

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