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Arduino + Mobile.Processing

five.b.oh writes:

I’ve been playing with Mobile Processing for a few months now and I recently wrote a little sketch that can shuttle bytes from an arduino board to a website and back using a cheap Motorola phone. All the work is largely based on samples and tutorials I found around the web. . . all I had to do was splice it all together.

Check out the site for code, pics, and more video –Link

Mobile.Processing –Link

In the Maker Store:
Arduino Diecimila – Link.

2 thoughts on “Arduino + Mobile.Processing

  1. Unomi says:

    Hi, nice job.

    But first, does it work with Nokia do you think?

    Second, do you think it is possible to send SMS with codes and let the Arduino react on it? Like switching lights on / off or whatever you want to switch?


    – Unomi –

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