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Arduino pov

With all the fun about pov‘s, you might be wondering how to do it with an Arduino. Having a device that can be used for the pov and then for some other project has its benefits. check out Carlito’s Contraptions.

The parameters in the code can be changed in order to display other images besides of the default arrows.

The displayed image is stored in the data string. Each drawing is divided in frames (i.e. one frame for each letter of a word) and each frame is divided in columns. The image to be displayed must be encoded into 1s (ON) and 0s (OFF) and each value must be stored in the data string in the order illustrated below.

The duration of each column (i.e. how much time they stay ON), the spacing between frames and the spacing between images are set respectively by the integers timer1, timer2 and timer3. Keep in mind that their values depend on the rotation speed.

It’s great how he puts his code in near the photos to show what the result looks like.

Persistance of Vision (POV) is how we can see a collection of still images in animated form and our mind connects them together to create the illusion of movement.

Nice start Carlos!

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