Arduino + Roomba: The Ard2-D2oomba?

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Star Wars fans should remember the Death Star’s small maintenance robot in Episode IV which runs away after Chewbacca growls at it. Well, composer and producer has created a nice little robot that might feel at home in the Star Wars universe — it’s a Roomba outfitted with an Arduino that gives it voice control as well as provide some interesting audio feedback.

Mike explains his voice-controlled Roomba 530: 

It uses the Arduino Uno, the VRBot voice recognition module, and the MP3Trigger from SparkFun. When it recognizes the voice command, it plays back R2D2 and starts cleaning.

6 thoughts on “Arduino + Roomba: The Ard2-D2oomba?

  1. Gregg says:

    Eh? Chewie growled at a Mouse bot. They are typically used to carry messages deemed too important for the comms. And also to clean the floors. R2D2 is an Astromech droid, he was was hanging around with C3P0 in any of two places during that whole business. Please try to be more consistent in describing people’s projects.

    Of course I imagine that the submitting entity made the mistake and of course the magazine is not to blame here.

    1. James F. Kelly says:

      I was contacted by the robot’s maker and provided the details — not sure what you’re referring to about not being “more consistent” with the project.  It’s a Roomba… it makes R2D2 sounds… and it’s voice controlled.  The Ard2-D2oomba name was in jest and not meant to imply that this robot has any of the complexity of the actual R2D2 unit.  If it actually existed.  You know… because it’s a movie.

  2. Robot Aspirador says:

    I love Star Wars and love Roomba!
    This is the perfect mix!!

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