Arduino644 in development


Instead of waiting around for a faster Arduino to be released, Zach of NYCResistor is developing his own –

I’m in the process of porting the Arduino environment to the atmega644 for a skunkworks project I’m working on. This chip is awesome because it has 4x the flash (64k vs 16k) it has 4x the RAM (4k vs 1k) and 12 more I/O pins (32 vs 20)

Nice work, please keep going! – Arduino on Atmega644

6 thoughts on “Arduino644 in development

  1. Chris Anderson says:

    In fairness, the current Arduinos based on the SMD ATmega168 chip (such as the Nano) have 28 I/O pins, so the difference is not as great as he suggests. That said, the extra memory is sweet.

  2. phooky says:

    ATMega168s have 28 pins total. Five are taken up by power, one by reset, and two by the serial port. Only 20 remain for general I/O.

  3. Zach Hoeken says:

    in the interest of fairness, i’ll break it down:

    the DIP version of the atmega168 has 20 general purpose IO pins: 14 digital and 6 analog (which double as digital)

    the SMT version of the atmega168 (which the arduino nano uses) has an extra 2 analog pins bringing the grand total to 22 general purpose IO pins. however, the reason i went with the atmega644 in this design is that is the largest DIP atmega i could find. i wanted this board to be a kit that anyone could build. if you were to just go surface mount there are much bigger, faster, badder chips out there than the atmega644. (see: wiring board)

    so, not quite 28, but also not 20.

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