Big Bro: Arduino controlled robot

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Big Bro: Arduino controlled robot

This is just the beginning of a much more powerful and intelligent robot. The R/C car is powered by an Arduino and a custom made motor controller. This looks like a really good platform for further development. It has power, speed and plenty of room for more electronics.

For now it´s just remote controlled, soon it will have some intelligence.
I will try to add microphones and use them as sound sensors. If I add for example 4 microphones, one on each side of the bot I could detect where does the sound comes from and make it move in that direction, then a couple of distance sensors to avoid obstacles.

It has a very unusual steering system that seems to be actuated by a servo mounted to the rear axle. This controls the lean of the entire car and allows it to steer.

More about the Big Bro [letsmakerobots]

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