Breakfast – Arduino shell

Breakfast – Arduino shell


Justin wrote in to tell us about the new firmware he wrote for Arduino –

Breakfast is a firmware which runs on the Arduino allowing all of it’s functions to be accessed by a computer over a serial connection. I have implemented most Arduino functions ver batim, and I do plan on adding the rest soon. For now I have written a ruby “library” which allows you to access Breakfast, as a proof of concept, I have implemented an Arduino Shell using this library and Interactive Ruby IRB.

And who doesn’t love serial for breakfast – this sounds very awesome, and could be a great way for beginners to get the hang of programming in small line-by-line pieces. Check out his site for the deets – Breakfast, serial for Arduino

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  1. John Park says:

    I liked the direct OSC command outs you can do with the Make Controller, this reminds me of that a little. Very useful and fun, too!

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