Christmas Tree responds to Twitter mentions

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Christmas Tree responds to Twitter mentions


Alpay Kasal’s Twitter-enabled “Twistmas” twee tree responds to specific keyword mentions by lighting corresponding ornaments –

After designing a Twitter based installation for GE Healthcare, I looked forward to putting some Arduino’s and LED’s to work on a personal project. While speaking with Psytek, a founder of a hackerspace in Brooklyn called AlphaOneLabs, we decided an interactive Christmas tree would be a lot of fun. He bought a tree. I hunted for clear ornaments to stick the led’s into, and after coming up dry, we set out to make our own. I thought this would be the easy part, it wasn’t, I underestimated the elusive nature of ornaments in the wild. Eventually I found “golf display cases” at The Container Store.

Read more of the story over at LitStudios and check out a live feed of the tree in action at Alpha One Labs