DIY Arduino LCD backpack

DIY Arduino LCD backpack

From the MAKE Flickr pool

Bryan “linux-works” Levin built this Arduino compatible LCD backpack

all the wiring needed to connect the LCD, the IR input module, power, lcd contrast, pwm-based dimming and a 6pin FTDI style usb serial header for upload of new firmware.

the IR module is in silver (left) and was a very old radio shack module.

the 6 pin header is via the wire harness; it was hard to solder the 6 pin header ‘in reverse’ on this kind of single sided board and this board is not very strong (the header could lift off the board with enough unpluggings). so my solution was to use the wire, itself, as a strain-relief.

this cable also is an easy way to give the circuit power (5vdc).

More project pics available in his Flickr photostream.

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