Environmentally aware dogbot

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Environmentally aware dogbot

Sparky Theenvirosensordog

Sparky the art-robot responds to air quality, movement, and touch by collapsing his body in relative amounts – indicating quality of environment.

Sparking responds negatively to: carbon monoxide, cigarette smoke, alcohol, too much dark lighting, hitting and yelling. Any of the above factors (depending on severity) makes Sparky drop it’s head and tail, whimper, and it’s body collapses. Sometimes you will not know why it’s whimpering and it is up to the person to figure out what is wrong with their dog. What can make Sparky stand up and make happy noises is strong lighting, talking nicely and walking him. (Walking him will give the fastest positive results).

His dog-like figure is controlled by one motor + Arduino – similar to classic push-bottom –collapsing animal toys.

Sparky the health awareness pet [via Arduino blog]

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