First shield pics for Arduino MEGA

First shield pics for Arduino MEGA


Hack a Day reports on what appears to be the first shield created specifically for the forthcoming Arduino MEGA board. NKC’s prototyping shield is of course predictably longer and uhhh … mega-er. The comment thread over at NKC points out that their shield only has 2 holes for standoffs – apparently the massive connecting pin-count offers sufficient stability on its own.

Arduino Protoshield Kit
ProtoShield for Arduino Kit

10 thoughts on “First shield pics for Arduino MEGA

  1. chic says:

    …does it still have that half a row @ 0.1″ pitch offset.

    1. Collin Cunningham says:

      Yep, I’ve heard it does :/

  2. anachrocomputer says:

    With that many pins, the friction will make the shields hard to separate from the main board. I wonder if there’s an ingenious way to apply leverage to separate them, without damaging the board(s)?

    1. Collin Cunningham says:

      Hmmm, ingenious leverage method … a screwdriver?! ;)
      of course there is the option of only soldering in the pins you think you’ll need for a specific project.

  3. Norwegian says:

    Would it bee possible to mod these shields to fit the Robostix for

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