Fitbit Uses Arduino for Rapid Prototyping

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Fitbit Uses Arduino for Rapid Prototyping

Fitbit Prototyping
While many think of Arduino as strictly for hobbyists, its ease of use makes it a great tool for prototyping products for the mass market. The designers of the Fitbit, a device for tracking your level of activity throughout the day, wrote to the Arduino team to tell them that they’ve been doing just that:

We had a nice note from Shelten Yuen to say “We’ve been using Arduino for rapid prototyping for a few years now. It’s been a great tool for us in trying things out quickly.” It’s always nice to hear how people use Arduino at work as well as in their hobbies.

3 thoughts on “Fitbit Uses Arduino for Rapid Prototyping

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing!  Very interesting how the Arduino can be a tool to do Rapid Prototyping for the mass market.

  2. livreidbn1 says:

    I really love my tiny new Fitbit! – It motivates me to move more and is more accurate than a pedometer. It’s so tiny and fits right on my waist. Love it!

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