Free print-and-stick pinout label for ATmega (Arduino) chip

Free print-and-stick pinout label for ATmega (Arduino) chip
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A handy resource provided by George Graves over on the adafruit forums, based on an idea by Tod E. Kurt.

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4 thoughts on “Free print-and-stick pinout label for ATmega (Arduino) chip

  1. Alan Blue says:

    Very nice.

    One of the irritating factors in re-Making something is reading the actual part numbers off of age-faded or covered-with-rebranding-sticky chips.

    It looks like there’s space for a ‘ATMEGA328’ (or whatever) opposite the Adafruit line near D5-8.

  2. Dale Wheat says:

    Here’s my version of Tod’s ATmega chip sticker:

    I used Tod’s stickers on my “Breadboard Arduino” projects. It’s really nice to have the pins labeled, something you lose when you’re not using the Arduino PCB.

    It occurred to me that Tod must be a younger man than I with younger eyeballs. I bumped up the size and stroke weight of the text and went with ALL CAPS because I am old and my eyes are dim.

    My own (derived) design, freely released into the Public Domain. Enjoy!

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