Gesture controlled MIDI from an Arduino

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This is a fun little MIDI interface based on an Arduino. It converts the x/y movement into a MIDI signal. There is a promise of more details soon. In the mean time, check out this tutorial about creating MIDI output signals from an Arduino.

This is a gesture controlled MIDI controller I designed and built. It has a tilt sensor which affects to MIDI parameters it is sending out but also the color of the ball. I built several stereotypes to get it work the way I preffered. The pictures are from third generation. I am currently putting together fourth generation with better LEDs.

In the Maker Shed:
Arduino Mini Board, fully assembled

2 thoughts on “Gesture controlled MIDI from an Arduino

  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s not a very appetizing picture of a PCB…

    Soldermask cut off the edge, too much solder on the pins, flux all over the board, misaligned IC… Ick.

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