Get to Know Onion Omega, a Tiny New Dev Board

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Get to Know Onion Omega, a Tiny New Dev Board


The Onion Omega, a promising open hardware development platform, blew through its Kickstarter goal this week, where its promise to make hardware development easy for software developers seemed to resonate with backers.

“We are strong believers of open source and we strive to give back to the open source community,” wrote the Onion Omega team. “All hardware schematics, board design, and bill of materials will be made available to the community.”

The Omega dock is small — one fourth the size of the Raspberry Pi — and aimed at Ruby, Python, Javascript, and PHP development. It also features the Onion Console, a virtual desktop that allows users to manage their IoT devices, and an App Store. The Omega is completely Arduino-compatible and comes with built-in Wi-Fi.

The Omega team included a number of whimsical inventions they built using prototype Onion Omega boards including a robot arm, a ping pong shooter, a spy cam, and a tweet printer.

At press time, the Omega had raised nearly $150,000 out of an initial goal of just $15,000. Units are expected to ship by October of this year.


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