Hexy the Hexapod: Available at Maker Faire New York

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Hexy the Hexapod: Available at Maker Faire New York

Hexy is a robotic hexapod kit from Arcbotics. It’s a cute, cheap, easy and fun intro to advanced robots. It’s Arduino compatible, and 100% Open Hardware/Software.

Unless you were one of the over-500 Kickstarter backers who supported Hexy at $175 or higher, a Hexy kit is going to be hard to come by. But you’ve got another shot at it: we’ll have a number of Hexy kits for sale. $250 gets you:

  • Everything needed to build the kit, including the screwdriver.
  • Ultrasonic distance sensor eyes.
  • Acrylic laser-cut pieces in your choice of several colors, with extra pieces.
  • 20 Servos (18 for legs, 1 for eyes, 1 extra).
  • Full Arduino-compatible Servotor32 robot controller capable of controlling up to 32 Servos.
  • All the screws and nuts you need to assemble the kit, with extras.
  • A serial-bluetooth adapter that plugs straight into the Servotor32 robot controller.

On top of that, the makers, Arcbotics, will be on hand as well. Look for Arcbotics and Hexy in the smaller of the two Maker Sheds (the one embedded in the Arduino pavilion).

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