Hold This Smart Business Card to See Your Heart Beat

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Hold This Smart Business Card to See Your Heart Beat
This ECG actually works, though it’s not a diagnostic device.

Business cards are still the standard method for professionals exchanging information. But if you want to get that call back you need a card that truly stands out. MobilECG knows this and has created a card that relates to their field.

MobilECG is a Hungarian startup that makes open source electrocardiograph (ECG) software intended for diagnostic testing. For those of you who don’t know what an ECG is, it’s that squiggly line used to track a patient’s heart beat (you’ve probably seen one on TV in the background of a hospital drama). Mobile ECG has designed a business card that includes a working ECG!

The inner circuitry of the electroCARDiograph.
The inner circuitry of the electroCARDiograph.

Dubbed the “electroCARDiograph” it works by placing your thumbs on the gold colored contact pads. Then the results are displayed on a tiny screen showing your ECG. Keep in mind this isn’t a way to avoid going to the doctor.

As both the card and the company states on their blog, the card is not strong enough or accurate enough to provide actual readings. MobilECG have even dubbed it a toy so users are clear about its intent.

The business card's schematics.
The business card’s schematics.

Right now the company is seeing how many are interested in their innovative business card before they release it to the masses. They expect the card to costs about $29, which is pretty pricey but if you’re in the medical field and want to give people a lasting impression, it’s worth it.

Or if you know your way around circuitry you can try creating your own replica card. The company has posted all the schematics and codes in downloadable files over on GitHub.

You can play Tetris on this hi-tech business card.
You can play Tetris on this hi-tech business card.

The Hungarian company isn’t the only group incorporating technology into its business cards. Oregon programmer Kevin Bates based his business card off the classic Game Boy. Called the Arduboy because it uses an Arduino board, it can actually play Tetris.

It uses a small OLED screen and is even equipped with capactive touch buttons, a speaker, and a replaceable battery that lasts up to nine hours. You can get the Arduboy for $39 or a more sophisticated Tetris MicroCard for $49.

The Arduboy even displays your resume.
The Arduboy even displays your resume.

People have been finding ways to get creative with business cards for years. Whether through intricate artwork or Lego figures, they know it’s important to stand out. With more people integrating technology to create complex and sophisticated business cards we’re sure to see more innovative and unique cards in the future.



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