How To: Hocus Pocus Book Replica

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How To: Hocus Pocus Book Replica


Remember the spell book from Hocus Pocus with the creepy moving eyeball? Since it is the season of Halloween-movie-replica-prop-making, I’ve found a great DIY tutorial that covers the steps required to make a pretty accurate copy!

This tutorial doesn’t include how to make the eyeball actually move, but I would love to see someone hack it with a servo to really up the creep factor! Using something like this Arduino controlled rig created by Tod Kurt.


Onto the prop making! This tutorial uses a combination of air drying and baked polymer clay for almost all of the details. A mold was used to create exact copies of some of the books embellishments– very smart!

Check out Mizerella’s blog for the full how-to on this project.


This next book prop is not specifically a Hocus Pocus replica, but I give it two big warty thumbs up for creative use of materials. Those eyeballs are just magazine cut outs with clear glass gems glued on top! This was spotted over at Design DNA.


2 thoughts on “How To: Hocus Pocus Book Replica

  1. Steve DiBartolomeo says:

    there’s a app just released (for a rubber mask) that has a moving eyeball that displays on your cell phone. You gotta create a slot to slide you cell phone into it and voila, you’re done.

  2. Emily Burch says:

    Funny enough, I did make one!

    It’s 4 servos triggered by a button and powered by and Arduino board.

  3. liyacha says:

    Exaitett wowwwwww

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