How-to Tuesday: Arduino 101 the button

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This is the second installment of a series about programming our favorite little micro-controller, the Arduino. Last week I covered connecting and blinking an LED. This week I will discuss connecting a push button that controls the LED. This is the simplest way to use a button. However, it isn’t always the best way since it doesn’t account for ‘debouncing’. In the next installment of this series I will talk more about ‘debouncing’ the button input and why it is important. Also, I will have a fun and easy project that incorporates what we have learned so far in this series.

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How-to Tuesday: Arduino 101 blink an LED

16 thoughts on “How-to Tuesday: Arduino 101 the button

  1. samurai1200 says:

    very nice video. everything is so clear, my mother should be able to understand this. great job.

    1. Marc de Vinck says:


      Thanks for the feedback!

  2. anachrocomputer says:

    Is there any way to download the video file for these tutorials, like we do with the M4V files for Make TV?

  3. nick_d says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have been wanting to learn more about basic circuitry and arduino for a while, I never really found an easy way to start. You make it really easy to understand and makes me want to go out and try it.


    1. Marc de Vinck says:


      You’re Welcome! You’re Welcome! You’re Welcome!

      I hope this get more people into Arduino and physical computing. Make sure to send me a link to any projects you make!

  4. jc says:

    I might have missed it playing the video a couple of times but, I didn’t hear what resistor value you used. What should I use?

    (I’m an electronics newbie — self learning guy)



  5. jc says:

    Just verifying with my last comment. I saw a post from forums that a value of 1K to 10K ohms resistor can be used. Is this true? Thanks.

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