Kit-A-Day Giveaway: Ultimate Microcontroller Pack w/Arduino + Voice Shield + EZ Expander + RTC Breakout

Kit-A-Day Giveaway: Ultimate Microcontroller Pack w/Arduino + Voice Shield + EZ Expander + RTC Breakout

We’re giving away amazing kits from our new Make: Ultimate Kit Guide EVERY DAY — thousands of dollars worth of merchandise, including MakerBots!

To celebrate the release of our latest publication, the Make: Ultimate Kit Guide 2012 (and its companion website), we’re giving away at least one of the cool kits reviewed in the issue each day during the holiday season.

This giveaway is for a pile of Arduino fun! It includes the Ultimate Microcontroller Pack w/Arduino, Voice Shield, EZ-Expander Shield, and an RTC Breakout Board (a combined value of $219!) If you’ve ever wanted to get into Arduino, this is the kit for you! Just imagine all the great project you can build! Have something in mind? Tell us in the comments!

Like all our giveaways, these kits are reviewed in our Make: Ultimate Kit Guide 2012 and reviewed on the companion website:

Ultimate Microcontroller Pack review on Make: Kits
Voice Shield review on review on Make: Kits
EZ-Expander review on Make: Kits
RTC Breakout review on Make: Kits

To be eligible for today’s giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment below in this post. The entry period for today’s prize will be until 11:59pm PST tonight. We’ll choose one person at random, you’ll be notified by email, and you’ll have 48 hours to respond. The Winners List is kept on the Giveaway landing page. That’s it! No purchase necessary or anything else to do. Please leave only one comment per post. You can enter as many giveaways as you like until you win. This giveaway is for US residents only. You also must be 18 years old to enter (Kids: Ask your parents to enter). See the Kit-A-Day Giveaway landing page for full sweepstakes details and Official Rules.

Important Note: If you enter this drawing, when it’s over, please check the place where you registered to comment (eg. Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter). Some people are winning these kits and then not responding when we send them a message using the available means of contacting them. We want to make sure you get your giveaway!

1,872 thoughts on “Kit-A-Day Giveaway: Ultimate Microcontroller Pack w/Arduino + Voice Shield + EZ Expander + RTC Breakout

  1. kevin sexton says:

    enter me, wow, first

  2. Christopher Lund says:

    Hey, All that is pretty cool…  Considered me entered!

  3. Rick Wootten says:

    count me in

  4. Shanon Clemmons says:

    Wow, this is a insane contest. Considered me fully in to win!

  5. Anonymous says:

    This would be awesome for some of the projects I have in mind!

  6. Nick Gregory says:

    Me plz?

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. Adam Cohen says:

    I’ll give it a shot..

  9. Keith Woeltje says:

    What an ultimate Christmas present this would be

  10. Anonymous says:

    Cool prize, count me in.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Christmas is a to win

  12. Promet Heus says:

    Save me from the doldrums of un-projecty weekend afternoons. Arduino, take me away!

  13. joe hahn says:

    I have been meaning to start on my first Arduino project this month to make a wireless 4×17 RGB LED clock and ticker. Good luck, everyone!

  14. Anonymous says:

    So entirely in, for this one…

  15. Kyle S says:

    this would be awesome. im in!

  16. Brad Kairdolf says:

    Nice looking kits! 

  17. Anonymous says:

    What a cool bunch of stuff.

  18. Herbert Hoover says:

    With this kit bundle, I could micro-control the world!

  19. Matthew Scott says:

    Oh me me

  20. Josh Vaughen says:

    Wow awesome. This would help greatly in cutting project costs, especially for a college student like me!

  21. Anonymous says:

    This is great! stuff!!!

  22. Carl Reisinger says:

    Can never have too many arduinos and shields

  23. PAPPP says:

    Feed the parts bin!  Yes please.

  24. Nico says:


  25. Dan Long says:

    Nice kit!

  26. Bryan Wingfield says:

    Consider me entered!

  27. Fritz Charleston says:

    Ok, I’m definitely putting my name in the hat for this one!  Super sweet deal!

  28. Christian Carl Brink says:

    Awesome –  that is a lot of cool stuff

  29. Don Wennick says:

    Another great bundle of Arduino kits.

  30. Clifford McGrew says:

    Great building opportunity.

  31. Jeff Clymer says:

    Ok, here we go again.

  32. Stacy Devino says:

    Wow, that is quite a pack. Soooo many projects could use this…. 

  33. Anonymous says:

    I’m going to keep trying to win one!  Just keep trying… and trying..

  34. Kevin McNeece says:

    Enter me please, would love to win!

  35. Patrick Magee says:

    Nice combo pak

  36. Anonymous says:

    Sure, why not.

  37. Adam says:

    Neat giveaway!

  38. Kyle Duren says:

    Holy micro-controllers Batman!

  39. Ryan Blankenheim says:

    Pick me…So many ideas!

  40. Anonymous says:


  41. יוֹחָנָן בָּרוּךְ says:

    That’s a very interesting bundle.

  42. Daniel Finley says:

    Yes, please!

  43. Anonymous says:

    Please send one my way!

  44. Anonymous says:

    great bundle, hope to get one, one way or the other

  45. Mr. Glass says:

    Perfect for the clock I want to make.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Lots of fun projects can be made with this!

  47. Craig Corbin says:

    Great Kit!

  48. Anonymous says:

    Yea! I wants.

  49. John Baird says:

    I need a shield for my voice.

  50. Thomas Kilgour says:

    yes please!

  51. Robert D says:

    This would be great for the Arduino class I’m teaching!

  52. Levi Shores says:

    More fun than you can shake an LED at!

  53. Tim Pettigrew says:


  54. Chris Williams says:

    Lots of cool things I can make with my kids!

  55. Jonathan Poland says:

    Thank you for the give away.  I know you are making quite a few people happy!

  56. Jesse Johnson says:


  57. Anonymous says:

    Awesome, thanks for the chance.

  58. Nathan Kline says:

    Yes please

  59. Anonymous says:

    This would be great!

  60. Robert Gallop says:


  61. Andrew Dragunas says:

    Pick me!

  62. Ann Monroe says:

    Over here.

  63. Anonymous says:

    Really want this!!!

  64. PJ Perfetti says:

    me too?

  65. Anonymous says:


  66. Anonymous says:

    cool stuff

  67. Anonymous says:

    Ooh! please enter me!

  68. Lahcen Ghourabi says:

    I would love to be picked for this kit. 

  69. Charles Witmer says:

    Looks awesome! Where are basic instructions for arduino programming, though?

  70. Stephen Grau says:

    Thanks for the offer.

  71. Nesan Waran says:

    As Christmas draws near
    Dreams of presents fill my head

  72. Anonymous says:

    OOHH! This has been on my Christmas list forever!  C’mon Santa!!!

  73. Phillip McCary III says:

    Yes, more Micros!

  74. Gudrun 'Gudi' Thomassen says:

    Pick me!

  75. Jonathan Keane says:


  76. Mark Johnson says:

    This is the one I want.

  77. Jeremy Schiefer says:

    I want to win! :)

  78. Anonymous says:

    This could be my micro win!

  79. Anonymous says:

    This would make for some fun projects

  80. Don Mechsner says:

    me next

  81. Vrmithrax says:

    Ok, this one has serious drool factor.  Seems like a perfect combination – been looking for a good kit to get myself and my son started on our Arduino projects we want to do.

  82. Nicholas Limparis says:

    well I’m out of witty ideas for posting so Post FTW!

  83. csmoreno says:

    How many people typically enter these? Just want to know my chances.

  84. Jerry Ma says:

    pick me

  85. David Cushing says:

     I’m almost sure they pick me all the time, but can’t contact me :(

  86. Matthew Coleman says:

    this would add nicely to my collection…

  87. Steve Shoyer says:

    Nice kit!

  88. Austin Cash Priebe says:

    Oh, threats of Hell and Hopes of Paradise! 
    One thing at least is certain–This Life flies; 
    One thing is certain and the rest is Lies; 
    The Flower that once has blown for ever dies. 

  89. Kyle Ingrelli says:

    Yes, plz.

  90. John T says:


  91. David Smolkin says:

    Woooo david.smolkin@g—- com

  92. Matt Schott says:

    Pick me!

  93. Noah Dennis says:

    Just think of what you can create with all that!

  94. Chris Krueger says:


  95. Gary Oshust says:


  96. James Marshall says:


  97. Kathy Tappan says:

    the ultimate?

  98. Martin says:

    Excellent choice for today’s giveaway!

  99. John Holchin says:


  100. Jody Johnson says:

    pls pls pls pls.

  101. Anonymous says:

    If selected, I will use this to solve world hunger, create world peace and fix the economy……or at the very least have some fun with it.

  102. Larry Garetto says:

    meh (maybe if I act disinterested, I’ll win)

  103. Nathaniel Stephens says:


  104. Kevin Taberski says:

    Another Arduino project – perfect!

  105. Marsha says:

    This looks like an awfully fun set!

  106. Geoff Haisty says:

    Wow, excellent kits.

  107. James Jurack says:


  108. Craig LeBaron says:

    Nice looking kit!

  109. Rob Colby says:

    Can I apply these to my kids to control them?

  110. roberto says:


  111. Razvan Chiriac says:

    This is AWESOMAZING!!!!

  112. Anonymous says:

    Enter Me Please

  113. Tony Weiner says:

    youduino, meduino, arduino!!!

  114. Brittany Ransom says:

    Enter me please! Voice Shield, Rock on!

  115. Anonymous says:


  116. Salil Phadnis says:

    Love it, want it.

  117. Teresa Liao says:

     Me want microcontroller! Please. Thank you :->.

  118. Anonymous says:

    yes please

  119. Alex Hoekstra says:

    Awesome!  Fingers crossed.

  120. Tony Wilson says:

    I want to win!

  121. Michael Overstreet says:

    Very cool!

  122. Bill Kronholm says:


  123. Keith says:

    Fab package!  Hope I win it!

  124. Anonymous says:

    This would be great to experiment with

  125. Anonymous says:

    Entry please

  126. Erik Mendoza says:


  127. Thomas Logan says:

    This looks really great

  128. Anonymous says:

    Whoa! Sweet kit!

  129. Bennett Benson says:

    So many projects, so few arduino’s.

  130. Bennett Benson says:

    So many projects, so few arduino’s.

  131. nathan mouton says:

    yes please :)

  132. Jeremiah Blatz says:

    Ohhhh, shiny! Me wants!

  133. Mark Mellor says:

    This would be an awesome prize to win.

  134. spudman says:

    An arduino orgy, oh this is sexy!

  135. Anonymous says:

    Please please please

  136. Anonymous says:

    Way cool.

  137. Brian Mitchell says:


  138. Michael Goodness says:


  139. Eric Keaton says:

    Looks good

  140. Phillip Reed says:

    Yes, please!

  141. Ray Andrews says:

    It’s like christmas, 7 days early.

  142. garret madsen says:

    arduino get

  143. Eric Johnson says:

    I really want to get one of these and start experimenting with some ideas I have!!!

  144. Anonymous says:

    Sign me up!

  145. Yoshito Juarez says:

    Oh wowza, fingers crossed here.

  146. Anonymous says:


  147. Anonymous says:

    Please! Please!

  148. Alan Ellis says:


  149. Ben Stevens says:

    Pick Me!  Pick Me!

  150. Imre Polik says:

    Get it!

  151. Brett Fieber says:


  152. Cindy Marlatt says:

    Count me in!

  153. Matthew Trey says:

    This would certainly kickstart my learning in the world of electronics

  154. Shawn Thorsson says:

    If I’m going to finish my lifesize functional ED-209 replica in time for Maker Faire, I must have this.

  155. Anonymous says:

    What a fantastic group of items to start using the Ardrino design. A great package.

  156. David H Brummel says:

    I could use a new Voice Shield, as the one I have has been hacked to work with an Arduino Mega.

  157. Greg Lincoln says:

    What an opportunity…..

  158. Anonymous says:

    Looks like fun, love to have them.

  159. Scott McCain says:

    Very nice.

  160. Jordan Widmer says:

    Another futile entry comment

  161. Phil Nick says:

    Awesome kit!

  162. Julie Klotz Anderson says:

    Excellent kit!!  I want to get my daughter into Arduino, so I’m loving this giveaway.

  163. Anonymous says:

    You guys are so great for doing this!

  164. Radek Wierzbicki says:

    Hmmm…. voice shield – nice!

  165. Anonymous says:


  166. Tim Hess says:

    Woot woot! Me!

  167. RDB RDB says:

    would be nice to get a 2nd arduino, would justify buying an XBee much easier :o

  168. mrbalky says:


  169. Daniel Morgan says:

    I would like one of these. 

  170. Peter Natale says:

    this would be soo awesome!

  171. Anonymous says:

    Ooooh Arduino-y! Likey!

  172. MarkS says:

    I could make a nice clock using these components!

  173. Andy Leach says:

     Awesome kit. Just started learning arduino.

  174. Chuck Shotton says:

    Ho! Ho! Ho!

  175. Zachary Anderson says:

    Pick me.

  176. Charles Haase says:

    Nice kits!

  177. Anonymous says:

    Me too.

  178. Nelson Gonçalves says:

    Send it to me fast so I can play with it on xmas.

  179. Achai Broner says:

    Me too. Me too…. I’ve been really wanting to get into Arduino and this would be great.  Notifier for when my clothes are done washing, automatic litter box.  Too much fun!

  180. Tobias H. Alvarez says:

    I would love all this to start, but as I live in Mexico you would never chose me.

  181. josh barlow says:

    Oh, the things I could do…

  182. Phil says:

    Yet another kit that makes me feel like I’ve got fat finger syndrome.

  183. all mine says:

    great giveaways continue

  184. David Bousson says:


  185. Anonymous says:


  186. Ron Basta says:

    I’ve heard a lot about them.  It sure would be fun to try one!

  187. Jason Uechi says:

    Yay.  Sign me up!

  188. J.c. Sommerman says:

    neato mosquito!

  189. Jordan Bridges says:


  190. Anonymous says:

    I love this.

  191. Bcook65 says:

    All I want for Christmas is maker stuff.. maker stuff.. maker stuff

  192. Yakov Grinberg says:

    Now this looks sweet.

  193. Eddie Samuels says:


  194. Stache says:

    That’s a bunch of cool stuff!

  195. Anonymous says:

    This is exactly what I’d need to build my automatic chicken door coop opener…

  196. Anonymous says:

    Think of all the damage that can be proxied through there… safe, strictly monitored, wholesome damage of course.

  197. Hisashi T Fujinaka says:

    I could use this to make my remote washing machine done alarm. Or I could just use the kitchen timer I use now. :)

  198. Mykel Alvis says:

    I want to build an automated home monitoring system

  199. JD Wallace says:

    Very cool.

  200. Anonymous says:

    What a great combination. Sure would like that.

  201. Andrew Young says:

    I would love to win this package. I <3 microcontrollers.

  202. Chris Martin says:


  203. Rauno Luiv says:

    This is exactly what I need. The countless gadgets I could build. Please choose me!

  204. Joshua Niederriter says:

    This would be awesome

  205. Thos Cochrane says:


  206. Angela Lamar Wallace says:


  207. Brad Siegfreid says:

    Excellent kit! Top of my wish list!

  208. Jeffrey Ouellette says:

    Excellent kit to teach a dad and his young daughter about hardware/software

  209. SamN says:

    This is our entry.  Look forward to winning!  :)

  210. Anonymous says:

    Hand is raised.

  211. Michael O'Crowley says:

    pick me

  212. Vjekoslav Blagovic says:

    One for me.

  213. Kelley says:

    that looks like a great gift!

  214. Anonymous says:

    looks fun

  215. Daniel says:

    awesome kit

  216. Steven Dedloff says:


  217. Anonymous says:

    Arduinos are cool

  218. Anonymous says:

    Consider me entered!

  219. James T Stevens III says:

    this would be a very nice prize to take home.

  220. Anonymous says:

    Entry Please

  221. Tucker Wilson says:


  222. Joel Inman says:

    mmmm.  Microcontrollers.

  223. Anonymous says:

    i totally want this

  224. Anonymous says:

    Fun, fun, fun!!

  225. Martin Jameson says:

    so much fun!

  226. Paul Tarka says:

    This is awesome.

  227. Justin Forposting says:

    I think this would go well with a side of fava beans and a nice chianti

  228. Eric Lofgren says:

    Ooo I’ll take this one.

  229. Matt Hellmer says:

    This is an awesome prize pack.

  230. Samuel Cotter says:

    i should really learn how to build these things.

  231. KY says:

    sweet deal…could def use this to make my sister’s grad gift >:D

  232. Mike Burr says:

    oooohhhh I like it.  almost like a swiss army knife ;-) 

  233. Andrew H says:

    I like kits.

  234. Anonymous says:


  235. J.R. Luppold says:

    I’m most interested in the Voice Shield

  236. Anonymous says:

    I’m not even sure what this is, but knowing what I don’t know is the first step to knowing.

  237. Ethan Etnyre says:

    I am ready to use all of these kits

  238. Anonymous says:

    This would be a nice one to win!

  239. Bill Shocknesse says:

    Love it

  240. Scott DeVier says:

    nice , so many things this could do !

  241. Anonymous says:

    Fingers crossed this time!

  242. David Murphy says:

    Real time, passive, context aware voice actions. And on open source hardware. Win.

  243. Anonymous says:

    My son and I could build a talking, lumbering cat-terrifier…

  244. Danielle Yu says:

    This would be nice to use in my graduation cap mod! >:D

  245. Richard Holmes says:

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  246. Christopher Meyer says:

    This would be awesome to play with, so many options!

  247. Anonymous says:

    Lots of projects in mind with this!

  248. Lin Weeks says:

    Love it & want it.

  249. Rob Maxwell says:

    Beginning to lose hope…

  250. Doug Johnson says:

    I think you could use this to make most anything….

  251. Matt Silvia says:


  252. Anonymous says:

    oh come on, pick me already

  253. Scott Skroch says:

    I have the best project for this!  I just don’t know what it is yet.

  254. Brandi says:

    Here’s hoping.

  255. Anonymous says:


  256. Jerry Bocci says:

    I am just getting into making/hacking with microcontrollers, and this would SO FREAKIN AWESOME!

  257. Richard C. Lebow says:

    enter me

  258. Philip Coltharp says:

    If I don’t get this hopefully I will get my second favorite thing – Peace on earth.  (No pressure) Happy Holidays

  259. Jacob Reese says:

    i want one!

  260. Victor Lee says:

    Pick me!!

  261. ross daly says:

    duino come home. we miss you.

  262. Jeff Tilton says:

    Kit me please!

  263. Kit-A-Day Giveaway: Ultimate Microcontroller Pack w/Arduino + Voice Shield + EZ Expander + RTC Breakout Anonymous says:

    I would love to win!

  264. Glenn Langton says:

    very cool

  265. John Snyder says:

    Hope springs eternal, Make.

  266. Anonymous says:

    Is it too late sign up? I, not, then count me in! Thanks Make!

  267. Adam Grow says:

    Ooo, shiny!  Voice controlled beer tap, here I come!

  268. Brandon Fischer says:

    I could make so many things….

  269. Anonymous says:

    Me gusta

  270. Michael Di Domenico says:

    haven’t won yet, perhaps this one…

  271. Justin says:

    I would love to have this kit!

  272. Anonymous says:

    HappyHolidays MAKE!

  273. Anonymous says:

    Sweet! Yes please!

  274. Paul Grosskopf says:

    My Nephew would love making this with his Uncle!

  275. Terry Kremin says:

    Oh! Oh! Pick me Mr Koetter!!

  276. Cole Beitelspacher says:

    I could have used this kit…..before I took an arrow to the knee.

  277. Bob Bechtel says:

    I’d be pleased to comment positively on the potential of this giveaway.

  278. Gregor Holtz says:

    That looks great!

  279. Anonymous says:

    Awesome kit

  280. Chris Hoover says:


  281. Nicholas Carter says:

    I am destined to win this today.

  282. Anonymous says:

    I have some ham radio project ideas I’d love to try out with this kit!

  283. Anonymous says:

    Oh nice! Pleeeease!?

  284. Sarah Richardson says:

    Very cool.  I would like one of these experiment with!

  285. Jeff Fein-Worton says:

    If you give me this, I promise not to eat it.

  286. Jeff Bowman says:

    I’ve played with AVRs before, even made an NTSC Pong game from scratch, but never owned an actual Arduino kit.  So fingers crossed!

  287. Jason Anderson says:

    MAKE me your friend!

  288. Brad Trotter says:

    This would be so cool!

  289. James Vasile says:

    Gimme gimme gimme wah wah wah

  290. Alan Zubatch says:

    Mostly use MSP430….have been looking for an excuse to try something different

  291. Colin McGlothlin says:

    This looks really nice!

  292. Justin Eltoft says:


  293. Hap Durr says:

    That would be awesome!!!!

  294. Anonymous says:


  295. Anonymous says:

    This would be awesome!

  296. Anonymous says:

    This looks like a very cool kit!

  297. Joe Hagan says:

    too cool

  298. Prank Monkey says:

    Put me down for one.

  299. Patrick Miller says:

    Merry Christmas!

  300. Jim Jackson says:

    Hope I win.

  301. George Fender says:

    Whoever wins should post a project.

  302. Wehaf Urchiken says:

    With just a few extra pieces, I could turn this into a giant, rampaging, Godzilla monster! But that would be socially irresponsible.

  303. James Kennedy says:

    This would be awesome.

  304. George Merkel says:

    I hope santa knows that this is on my christmas list.

  305. Kevin Smith says:

    Pick me!

  306. Anonymous says:

    one day I’ll be a winner

  307. Sandra Connor says:

    I wish to win this.

  308. Jeremy Patakis says:

    This would be a great gift.

  309. Johnpatrick Marr says:

    I would need an intro to arduino book to go with this, but definitely something I’m interested in! Please enter me.

  310. Mark Samson says:

    I have been wanting to get into Arduino.

  311. Ben Zand says:

    Pahaps the stars shall align this round.

  312. Josie Katrice says:

    This is almost as cool as a MakerBot.

  313. Dan Bennett says:


  314. Kalvin Hobbes says:

    My roommates and I all want this.

  315. Anonymous says:

    I could use this to build the board for my daughter’s therapy ( cannot remember the name of the thing though)

  316. Lidya Thanes says:

    I have a great feeling about this prize.

  317. Steve Gillette says:

    I’m a winner. But do you know that?

  318. Anonymous says:

    Would be great for my classroom!

  319. Art Trombley says:

    This sounds like a great package to win. 

  320. Daniel Shown says:


  321. Zack Yoscovits says:

    Cool, this is everything I could ever need to get started with arduino.

  322. Anonymous says:

    Sign me up!

  323. Anonymous says:

    This is awesome, thanks for the opportunity to win, Make!

  324. Anonymous says:

    This is awesome, thanks for the opportunity to win, Make!

  325. Derek Lee says:

    So many electronics.

  326. Derek Lee says:

    So many electronics.

  327. Anonymous says:

    very cool

  328. Anonymous says:

    very cool

  329. Roland Stolfa says:

    Please please… this looks SOO fun.

  330. Roland Stolfa says:

    Please please… this looks SOO fun.

  331. Steven Kalmar says:

    Better than candy:)

  332. Steven Kalmar says:

    Better than candy:)

  333. Corey Kovacs says:

    This is awesome!

  334. Corey Kovacs says:

    This is awesome!

  335. Scott Saunders says:

    What a great set of stuff!

  336. Scott Saunders says:

    What a great set of stuff!

  337. Anonymous says:

    Please please I Need I Need
    Must have more arduino kits!

  338. Tom Pixley says:

    I’m in.

  339. Anonymous says:

    This would be great!. I’ve been out of practice for far too long and this would be a great way to get back into hacking/making. :-)

  340. Chris Muir says:

    An interesting collection.

  341. Bill Boelke says:

    add to the collection,,,,

  342. Robert Mohler says:

    Awsome assortment of prizes in this one…

  343. Adam R. Hughes says:

    In for one?

  344. Rand E says:

    Please pick me !! :)

  345. James R Peet says:

    Please enter me in the contest

  346. Kevin Coleman says:

    every little bit.

  347. Danny Zinck says:

    pick me! may the power of /dev/random be with me!

  348. Anonymous says:

    I can’t wait to get started on this.

  349. Anonymous says:

    Torsion motor control awaits?

  350. Nilit Muley says:

    Wow this would be so much fun!!

  351. Anonymous says:

    I can’t think of anything that would be of more help to me and my hobby plans.

  352. Bill Peck says:

    say my name

  353. Thomas kaufmann says:

    I could really use this!

  354. Anonymous says:

    Umm, like, this would be nice. You know.

  355. Scott Nopp says:

    Once again you come up with a winning gift — mine?

  356. Brandon Anello says:

    I have been wanting to get into the Arduino, but the costs are a bit prohibitive… this I would love so much!

  357. Andy III says:

    Ooo, grab bag fun   8-)

  358. Jess Hires says:

    Count me in!

  359. Anonymous says:

    Yea Arduino!

  360. qwerty123 says:

    Pickest thou, if ye please…

  361. John Kicklighter says:

    Nice Bundle!

  362. Michael McSpadden says:

    I would program so many things…

  363. Rodney Peters says:

    I may as well go ahead and buy that nifty EZ-Expander, since I’m sure I won’t win.

  364. Patrick Misterovich says:

    I’ll take one.

  365. Parker Miner says:

    PLEASE pick me!!!! please please please!!!!

  366. John Schuch says:

    Wonderful assortment!!

  367. Anonymous says:

    Hope I get picked!

  368. Brad Huffman says:

    Throwing my hat in the ring for this. 

  369. Jeff Green says:

    Oh yes, this is the one I want Santa!

  370. Anonymous says:

    Looks like a lot of fun.

  371. Justin R. Cutler says:

    Everyone could use more kits.

  372. Anonymous says:

    Microcontrollers… shiny…

  373. Ryan Van Fossen says:

    One more entry.

  374. Johnnie Blevins says:

    I’d like this kit

  375. Tod Stetson says:

    i always wanted a voice shield.  with the RTC + Arduino, I could make a talking alarm clock!

  376. Anonymous says:

    Yay, more kits.

  377. Todd Walden says:


  378. Robert A Corfield says:

    Nice. Want this, PLEASE

  379. Paul Ahlquist says:

    more ar’duino Lego blocks… cool.

  380. Anonymous says:

    would be a nice addition to my robot

  381. John Anderson says:

    Every Arduino should have such a cast of friends.  Uno is the loneliest number.

  382. Forrest Frye says:

    Infinite possibilities.

  383. Anonymous says:

    Heck yeah! Real dope. :)

  384. Anonymous says:

    I would love to star with arduino.

  385. Anonymous says:

    I want one!

  386. James O'Reilly says:

    Cool give-a-way, I hope I win.

  387. Anonymous says:

    Cammon baby getting low on time to win!

  388. Brice Smith says:

    This would be an awesome contest to win, I’ve wanted to delve into the maker scene for so long.

  389. Sam Ewen says:


  390. Bernie Solo says:

    This is what I’ve been waiting for! Thanks MAKE!

  391. Steve C says:

    Love to win this

  392. Craig Bankston says:

    Wow this is a nice bundle.

  393. Roger Romani says:

    I love arduino!

  394. Tom Warin says:

    Yes, please.

  395. Hank J. D. Craig says:


  396. Molly Nowak says:

    O my gosh! I would love to give this to my Christmas birthday husband! 

  397. jgencinc says:


  398. Reid Bird says:

    I want it, I want it!

  399. Travis Dahl says:

    A comment…

  400. Rachel Hazen says:

    This looks too cool!

  401. David Weier says:

    Wow neato!!

  402. Chris Guichet says:

    This would be awesome to have at my internship! I hope I get it.

  403. James R. says:

    Wow, what an awesome giveaway!

  404. Don Sticksel says:


  405. John Walker says:

    I now lust after way more kits than I have $ for because of this contest.  I need to win any one of these simply to take my mind off the other kits.

  406. Brian Utterback says:

    Awesome giveaway. Here’s hoping.

  407. Michael Werling says:

    A world of automation awaits…

  408. says:

    Sweet! I’d love one.

  409. George Hart says:

    i could have a lot of fun with this. :-)

  410. murphphoto says:

    in the words of Colbert “Gimme!”

  411. Bryan Mosley says:

    Would love it!

  412. Caleb Reznikov says:

    Pick me!

  413. Blair R says:

    It’s a kit.

  414. Anonymous says:

    I could make a tracking mount for my camera and a remote to operate it!!!

  415. Colin Aubrey says:

    Please, pick me.

  416. Anonymous says:

    Wanting , waiting , hoping ……

  417. Anonymous says:

    hoping and hoping to win one

  418. Paul Carson says:

    Hackery goodness!

  419. Skyler Nelson says:

    I’m going to make a whiteboard plotter!

  420. Anonymous says:

    Ultimate Microcontroller pack what a great giveaway

  421. Hannes Aus says:

    i want it

  422. Tavan Hendrick says:

    Ah, dessert: chilled monkey brains!

  423. Richard Lord says:

    To win would be wonderful

  424. Anonymous says:

    Must… control…

  425. Christi Grame says:

    Wow nice give away, thanks MAKE.

  426. Tony Prichard says:

    This looks so fun

  427. Robert Rutledge says:

    Pick me, Pick me!

  428. Minerva Pillai says:

    gimme gimme gimme

  429. I.d. Miller says:

    Thats a nice kit.

  430. The Doctor What says:


  431. Bram Lambrecht says:

    Just look at it

  432. Guitarlore says:

    This is cool!

  433. Anonymous says:

    Nice giveaway.  It belongs to me.

  434. Anonymous says:

    All I want for Christmas is Make: Fun!!

  435. James says:

    Hoping to find this in my stocking!

  436. Anonymous says:

    Giveaway, give my way please

  437. Kate Bemish says:

    Very nice!

  438. Frank Herb says:


  439. Jeannie Arnold says:

    Comment. FTW!

  440. Jerry Norcross says:

    Pretty sure I could solve all the world’s problems with this…

  441. Marcus Porter says:

    My arduino currently does not speak.  This is very sad.

  442. Gary Neal says:


  443. The dave says:

    bout to build a small robot.  This could be a cool addition to it

  444. mworrell says:

    I would like to get into Arduinos

  445. Rory Santino says:

    Lots of potential here…

  446. George Stuart says:


  447. Anonymous says:

    Ooh, I wants it.

  448. Brooke Bizub says:

    A whole kit full of fun!

  449. Michael says:

     I could learn alot

  450. Tinker Tank says:

    if I promise to flash ya, will I get it?

  451. Jon Buller says:

    yes, please

  452. Dan says:

    I like

  453. Rick c. says:

    Is this how Batman got started?

  454. Gareth Beale says:

    Hoping to get started on this hobby next year – what’s the best starter kit?

  455. Reginia says:


  456. Patrick Farrell says:

    I can get used to these give a ways 

  457. Anonymous says:

    Ooh, ultimate cool.

  458. Seth Winsor says:

    I want one

  459. MrRebeLs says:

    nice combo

  460. Kris Swanson says:


  461. Dave Renzo says:

    I Likes

  462. Andrew Wilds says:

    Great promotion.  I want it!

  463. Kevin Bennett says:

    Nice kit! Please pick me!

  464. Robert Reznik says:

    Yup, I could definitely use this!

  465. Jimmy Brokaw says:

    Oh! I want!

  466. Anonymous says:

    Finally…the last pieces I need to take over the world

  467. John Swindell says:

    I’d love to get this so I can do projects with the kids.

  468. Anonymous says:

    More Arduino goodness.Great!!

  469. Christina Priest says:

    This looks pretty awesome. I would love to win!

  470. Overlord73978 says:

    Want want want want !!!!!!!

  471. Al Dennis says:


  472. Christopher Cimiluca says:

    I don’t know what I’d do with this, but I’ll tell you when I’m done.

  473. Daniel Crooks says:

    This is what I need.

  474. Anonymous says:

    I could learn a lot with this kit.

  475. nila nila says:

    I will hook it up to the internet and switch my xmas tree on and off when receiving a tweet. Great giveaway!

  476. Michael Masterson says:

    I’ll toss my hat into the ring

  477. Dan Pollack says:

    looks like a nifty set of kits.

  478. Anonymous says:

    I’d love to have this kit.

  479. Greg Gladish says:

    I want to build it all!

  480. Dan Pollack says:

    Looks like a nifty kit collection.

  481. Anonymous says:


  482. Mike Douglas says:

    Awesome.  I haven’t won anything yet, I’m pretty sure it’s my turn this time. Arduino, Arduino, Arduino

  483. Mason Vail says:

    Oh, yeah.

  484. Michael Andrews says:

    More kits to keep me buisy.

  485. Michael Horton says:

    Hmm, wonder if I could use this for my power wheelchair project…

  486. Minuk Choi says:


  487. Wes Gyure says:

    I would love one of these cool kits!

  488. Anonymous says:

    Trying Disqus this time around to make sure facebook settings aren’t interfering with you contacting me. This would be a great start to my little microcontroller learning experience and workbench area.

  489. Tom Currie says:

    oh man i wanna

  490. Anonymous says:

    It would be nice to have

  491. Andrew Maxwell-Parish says:


  492. Jason Thwaits says:

    That’s an awesome kit

  493. Anonymous says:

    Many things for many hours of fun.

  494. Scott Ramsey says:

    Great kit!

  495. Audrey Mickel says:

    What happened with yesterday’s prize?  I guess I wont complain because this set looks great.

  496. Mike Nappo says:

    contest entry

  497. andy says:

    Yes please okthnx. ;-)

  498. Christopher Sousa-Wynn says:


  499. Brandon Mickel says:

    splat, splat, splat….that’s the drool slipping from my lips.

  500. robertlim says:

    Neato! Pick me, pretty please?

  501. Joe says:

    This looks like a great combo to get started with arduino!

  502. Joseph Walls says:

    So Hot

  503. jerry scott says:

    Nice Kit

  504. Lon Shapiro says:

    very nice!

  505. Nathan K Lee says:

    I would just love this to mod a stuffed animal

  506. Nathan Grater says:

    This thing is awesome!

  507. Rich Twyman says:

    I totally need this to build my Luna Mod.

  508. Greg Treseder says:

    Awesome combination of kits!

  509. Sharon Mehl says:

    I’m brand new to arduinos and have been wanting to get my feet wet … with a few different projects in mind … thanks for the chance to win!

  510. Kelly H says:

     I could use this to automate my Halloween display.

  511. Robert Jones says:

    One more kit and one more shot at winning it – well at least it’s easy to enter ;)

  512. Anonymous says:

    Super Sweet!

  513. Anonymous says:

    Just ordered a thing-a-matic. This is what I need to bring creations to life.

  514. Anonymous says:

    Now this is the best yet. Send it here Please!

  515. Darian Lewis says:

    One entry please.

  516. Nathaniel Bass says:

    that battery holder looks like one of the rebel dudes in star wars

  517. Daniel Ray says:

    Yes please!

  518. Anonymous says:

    Me also!

  519. Kevin McHugh says:

    This is cool.

  520. Anonymous says:

    (delete this)

  521. Anonymous says:

    Nice looking kits.

  522. Richard Kulesus says:

    Irresistable for any Maker!

  523. Anonymous says:

    this would be fun!

  524. Anonymous says:


  525. Anonymous says:

    I’m so sad I haven’t heard back from you yet.

  526. Benjamin Daniel says:

    Oh yeah really hoping for this one.

  527. Rob Sartin says:

    With these awesome kits, I will rule the world!!! Bwahahahaha….

  528. Bryant Pocock says:

    Almost forgot to comment today.

  529. Justin Pye says:

    Ultimate gift.

  530. Kevin Sellers says:

    yes please!

  531. Addie says:

    Ultimate awesome!

  532. Andrew Rosenblum says:

    I want this.  Fingers crossed!

  533. Anonymous says:

    Looks like fun!

  534. Anonymous says:

    Thank you MAKE for the Kit-A-Day contest. I love seeing the giveaways each day.

  535. Michael Kohne says:

    Ohh, shiny!

  536. Anonymous says:


  537. Anonymous says:

    Pick me!

  538. Tony Sharpe says:

    I am not sure what I would make but I would could use this for something fun

  539. Anonymous says:

    Sure beats an evening of crackers and cheese!

  540. Glenn Tucker says:

    Pick Me.

  541. Stefan Jones says:

    With this and a litter of sapient coyote puppies I can start building my Army of Darkness!

  542. Anonymous says:

    Cool kits!

  543. Mike Kunze says:

    I’d really enjoy this kit!

  544. Matthew Rohner says:

    It’s a super stocking stuffer!

  545. Rogelio Toledo says:

    Neat Kit!

  546. Anonymous says:

    Entry –  This is the one I want!!!

  547. Michele Shoats says:


  548. Randy Moore says:

    Looks cool.

  549. Anonymous says:

    Too cool

  550. Anonymous says:

    Wouldn’t mind this one either!

  551. Jason Mosack says:

    This is a nice set of kits. Especially the Voice Shield and the expansion shield.

  552. Ethan Shalev says:

    come on… Daddy needs a new pair of shields for Hanukkah….

  553. Vandasian says:

    That’s an awesome pack!

  554. Daniel Lamblin says:

    μC FTW

  555. Peggy Williams says:

    my grandson would love this!! please pick a grandma!

  556. Travis Swaim says:


  557. Serge Sountsov says:


  558. Anonymous says:

    My grandson would love this. Happy Holidays!

  559. Randy Kwende says:

    need this to start sm embedded design..

  560. Steve D. says:

    The Ultimate Microcontroller pack giveaway looks great.

  561. Anonymous says:

    my son loves all this! 

  562. Randy Keeling says:

    Yep, I could have a pit of fun with this :-)

  563. Gary Farley says:

    Wow, what a christmas present this would make………….for me!

  564. Studente Studioso says:

    sorry i made a mistake !

  565. Studente Studioso says:

    I think it’s great !

  566. Bob Funk says:

    I have a project in mind

  567. Nick Preston says:

    This would make my Christmas complete.

  568. Benjamin Nitkin says:

    This is just a great raffle. I wonder how much site traffic is up?

  569. Calvin Cheema says:

    “Type your comment here.”

  570. David Cook says:

    Voice shield could be useful for a project I’ve been thinking of

  571. Tim Bell says:

    Tons of fun

  572. Anonymous says:

    me me me me!

  573. Piotr Kwidzinski says:

    nice kit :-)

  574. William Stevens says:

    i so hope I get this kit!

  575. Steven Smith says:

    Love it. Want it.

  576. William Donohue says:

    Need moar shields, plz. kthxbai. (Because I don’t have enough microcontroller stuff yet.)

  577. John Stachniewicz says:

    This is a fantastic gift. 

  578. Anonymous says:


  579. Anonymous says:


  580. Anonymous says:


  581. Anson Kennedy says:

    I’m in.

  582. Anonymous says:

    This looks like a great package.

  583. Jon says:

    I love swimin’ with bow legged women

  584. Matt G says:

    This would be really fun to mod.

  585. Keith Anderson says:

    This would be great!

  586. krys evans says:

    This is really cool.

  587. Shawn Halli says:

    Yeah, this could be interesting

  588. Matthew B Borah says:

    Amazing, that quite a bit of stuff!

  589. shmdesigns says:

    This is it…I can feel it…time to win, and a micro-controller mega-monster-pack to boot!

  590. Michela Maxwell says:


  591. Rob Roschewsk says:

     All the pieces I need to really dig into Microcontroller hacking .. oh please … oh please .. oh please !!!

  592. Thomas Harrell says:


  593. Anonymous says:

    I would love to have this one!

  594. John Wolter says:


  595. Rich Keer says:

    Good kit

  596. Craz Apple says:

    I’d like this.

  597. Anonymous says:

    Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

  598. Matt Comstock says:

    I bet I could scare the cats with this

  599. Jeffrey Yip says:

    I’ve been doing a lot of reading on the arduino and all the cool projects. I was thinking  of making a brain machine replica and also having the knobs to control the rate of the blinking leds and nasty analog sounds among other controls that synchronize.

  600. Vincent Lo says:

    Very cool kit!

  601. Philip Lexow says:

    Been on my wishlist since forever!

  602. Anonymous says:

    I’d like this

  603. Robert says:

    Now this I do need.

  604. Chris Pilla says:

    I think I forgot to enter yesterday. 

  605. Anonymous says:

    WOW!  I this would MAKE my year!

  606. Steven Frankel says:

    I need to learn to use Arduino, and revive the robotics club at our high school!

  607. Stuart Broz says:

    a comment

  608. Anonymous says:

    very cool!

  609. Izzy23 says:


  610. restifo says:

    Lots of fun projects I could work on with this stuff.

  611. Bob Ruck says:

    Sounds good.

  612. Michal Chamedes says:

    Arduino…’nuff said.

  613. John Wood says:

    *Most useless comment.  

  614. Ian Munger says:

    What a nice little package.

  615. Nicholas Matthew Battafarano says:

    Hooray for Microcontrollers

  616. Peter says:

    Looks like a lot of fun.

  617. Zachary Hayward says:

    That is some cool stuff.

  618. Matthew Moore says:

    This would be useful. Love to work with these.

  619. Anonymous says:

    *Posting as the little voices in my head dictate

  620. Sean Lavery says:

    I need to add to my Arduino collection so yes please and thank you!

  621. Bayu Kuncoro Mukti says:

    wow…. pick me pick me please, I need it for my next project

  622. Jay Hawthorne says:

    Pleas pick me

  623. Jesse Moore says:

    This is a great starter combo!

  624. Brad Carlson says:

    Awesome! Thanks for the opportunity!

  625. Julian Myers says:

    can never have to many microcontrollers

  626. undeded says:

    OK, Here’s my comment.

  627. Michael Pechner says:

    That would be fun

  628. Anonymous says:

    Super size me!

  629. George Koehl says:

    Sweet add to the collection

  630. Michele Saxton Vozza says:

    Pick me, pick me

  631. Larry Brent says:

    This looks like a great way to start with Arduino.

  632. Anonymous says:

    Nice to win for some voice projects!

  633. Colin Mitchell says:

    yessss please!

  634. Mark Hancock says:

    Ahh, the many things I could use this for that my wife would shake her head at ;D

  635. Bill E. Dawson says:

    I’ve been lookin’ for an excuse to get into arduino!

  636. keith corcoran says:

    i would like to win this.

  637. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic set of kits!

  638. Anonymous says:

    One please :)

  639. Wolfgang Friedrich says:

    Nice one.

  640. Joe Kline says:

    Wow. Now that’s a kit.

  641. Helene McLaughlin says:

    Great kit!

  642. JonnyBoats says:

    This is a great prize!

  643. Anonymous says:


  644. Anonymous says:

    I think I need this.

  645. Jay Bryon says:

    I have several projects that would benefit from these lovely parts.

  646. Aaron & Vicki Tunell says:

    Me want KIT!!!!

  647. Marty Ripp says:

    one of these kits would be lovely

  648. Cody Freile says:

    Right here

  649. Daniel Houghtaling says:

    “Just imagine all the great projects you can build!”  I can, trust me, I can…

  650. William Collins says:

    this would be a good start

  651. Stephen Johnson says:

    my comment

  652. Anonymous says:

    This would be a great learning kit.

  653. Greg Paton says:

    I can’t think of a better way to learn than to have this kit.

  654. David Pritchard says:

    WOW!! Talk about an awesome combination. This looks like a match made in Maker Heaven. Count me in!

  655. David Catlin says:

    I want.  I need  :-)

  656. James Robert Patrick says:


  657. Kamil Sindi says:

    Love it!

  658. Miles' Arduino says:

    I want one

  659. Anonymous says:

    This would be so much fun to play with. If only it came with the Geiger kit too…

  660. David Bell says:

    Hey, I could use these!

  661. Dan says:

    looks awesome

  662. David Bell says:

    Hey, I could use these right now!
    Either buy a new gas furnace controller for $x00 plus labor, or MAKE one!

  663. Anonymous says:

    Break out my popping and locking.

  664. Ted Breyere says:

    I am sure I could build something out of this>

  665. Kyle Campbell says:

    Looks like fun!

  666. Anonymous says:

    Another fantastic bundle!

  667. Mark Ballinger says:

    Cool stuff, I’m in.

  668. Thomas Sutter says:

    This is a nice bundle

  669. Anonymous says:

    *drools* can haz plz?!

  670. Aaron Cox says:

    Now this would be a ton of fun!!

  671. Milo Wakefield says:


  672. Timothy Peck says:

    Great gift!

  673. Tieg Zaharia says:

     merry xmas! 

  674. Bic Wood says:

    Very good assortment.

  675. Steve Robillard says:

    pick me please the nephews finally figured out they could build some pretty cool and useful stuff.

  676. Alex David says:

    yay free things

  677. Paul Armstrong says:

    What a cool kit!

  678. Keith Schincke says:

    This would be a great win.

  679. Anonymous says:

    Maybe the odd are better this time to enter?

  680. Allen Boehm says:


  681. Andy Mello says:


  682. Mark Payton says:

    Lots of cool potential here…

  683. Tyler Stiffler says:

    good luck everyone

  684. Colin Faulkingham says:


  685. Paul says:

    Mmm Arduino, Whoo Hoo!

  686. Anonymous says:

    Very cool!

  687. Dave Keifer says:

    Please, Santa, this would make me so happy on Christmas morning! Signed, Ralphie P.S. I promise not to shoot my eye out.

  688. Russ Jarowski says:

    Well this is just awesome. Count me in!!!

  689. Charlie DuBois says:

    i hope to win this .

  690. Matthew says:

    My wife doesn’t think I need this.

  691. daniel mcclain says:

    enter me please

  692. Anonymous says:

    More great stuff!

  693. Patrick Henagan says:

    I can think of a dozen projects right off the bat!

  694. Jim McCorison says:

    Feed Me.

  695. Christopher Williams says:


  696. Anonymous says:

    kick booty

  697. Anonymous says:


  698. Johnny Delgado says:

    This is so amazing!!!

  699. Michael Semenchuk says:


  700. Adrian Munoz says:

    I’ve been looking into Arduinos lately and will definitely use this. Perfect for a poor college student!

  701. John Kittelsrud says:

    Oh yes oh YES!

  702. Anonymous says:

    Want, for soooooo many uses!

  703. Anonymous says:

    whoop whooop whooop. 

  704. Bobby Nathan says:

    When I win this, Im going to make a turkey that gobbles when you slice into it.

  705. JP says:

    I already have plans for voice shield.

  706. adam martin says:

    oooohhhh….christmas could come early!!!   ….   please pick me.!

  707. Matt says:

    i want one

  708. Tim Oliver says:

    REALLY want one of these!

  709. Dylan Miller says:

    It’s a comment, because I will win this, so I have something constructive to do for once.

  710. Gabe Shackle says:

    Cool beans!

  711. Jim says:

    I haven’t been able to win the powerball, so maybe I can win this Ultimate microcontroller pack

  712. David Neimeyer says:

    Winning would be a fabulous way to start the New Year!  What an excellent giveaway!!!

  713. Anonymous says:

    pick me! I love arduino!

  714. James Hollowell says:

    Oh, man, this is AMAZING!!!!

  715. Anonymous says:

    I like

  716. Ray Garlough says:

    trying again :)

  717. Anonymous says:

    This would be very handy!  I teach 6-8 grade science and have begun a robotics club this year.  I could use this with my students.

  718. Anonymous says:

    These are the great day kit giveaways, just need to win one.

  719. Jacob Hanshaw says:

    I want it!

  720. Anonymous says:


  721. Chris says:

    Oh Indeed

  722. Jeremy Lambert says:

    oh oh oh …this looks cool!

  723. Anonymous says:

    Oh, I already have uses for all of these. I dont even need ideas!!!

  724. Michael Campbell says:

    i love these give aways!

  725. Geoff Parker says:

    cool givaway

  726. Michael Richard Doyle says:

    I’m studying Nanoscience Technology and I have a goal to work on projects independently that would help me understand, educate others, and manipulate the nano scale through the STEM club I’m starting at my school.
    Getting my hands on a great micro controller such as the famous Arduino would definitely put me in the right direction towards designing electronics and programs for manipulating precise controls and sensors.

  727. Joseph Pitz says:

    count me in

  728. Glen Sawyer says:


  729. Anonymous says:

    Dear Santa – please let me win this.

  730. Anonymous says:

    go go gadget microcontroller

  731. Eric Slack says:

    Who doesn’t need at least one of these?

  732. Karin Meenan says:

    Would Love this!

  733. Richard Bowers says:

    Kits are cool.

  734. Charlie G. Lee says:

    Looks cool!

  735. Nicholas Levandoski says:

    OMG I need THIS!!!!

  736. Anonymous says:

    please santa  I have been so  very good this year

  737. Edward Ng says:

    Thanks again for the great giveaways!

  738. Ricardo Ramirez says:

    This would be cool!

  739. Anonymous says:

    Very nice.

  740. Rachel Quist says:


  741. Brian O'Neil says:

    great arduintro.

  742. Anonymous says:

    ack, yes please!

  743. Ashley says:

    I could totally go for a pile of Arduino fun! Please consider me entered :)

  744. Shweta Phadnis says:

    Yes, please.

  745. John Williams says:

    I feel a project coming on!

  746. Barry Briggs says:

    Looks go to me.

  747. Anonymous says: