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We added a lot of new products to the Maker Shed this week. One of my favorite items is the XBee wireless module. Over the next few weeks we will be adding even more cool products, and building more kits. Are there any products from the Maker Shed that you would like to see us build? If so, leave your suggestions in the comments. Thanks!


In the Maker Shed: Propeller USB Proto Board


More about the PING))) Ultrasonic range finder


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More about XBee in the Maker Shed

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How-To Tuesday: Teacup Stirling engine


More about the PIR sensor module


More about our Deluxe breadboard jumper wires

4 thoughts on “Maker Shed weekly wrap-up

  1. mpechner says:

    I’d like to see more complex electronics kits. Things that take 10-30 hours and in the under $200.

    An example is a kit I might buy from ten-tec.
    It is a $200 hf receiver that takes a few evenings to build.

    The current kits are fun, but I’m looking for more complex projects like heathkit used to offer.

    Along with this, I’d like to see more tutorials on how the circuits work. This gives a budding electronics hacker a chance to learn how and why things are put together the way they are.

    1. Marc de Vinck says:

      OK, we will do our best to get some more complex kits in the Maker Shed. Thanks for the suggestion.

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