Making a BlinkM reindeer ornament

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I uploaded a red and green blinking pattern to my BlinkM programmable LED, hooked it up to some AA batteries, and shoved it up the reindeer’s nose. (Well, technically into the back of his head.) My wife saw it hanging on the tree and said it looked more demonic than cute. Maybe that’s because of the glowing eyes and hideous grin.

4 thoughts on “Making a BlinkM reindeer ornament

  1. Matt says:

    Where did you get the paper deer from? I would love to make a papercraft reindeer for and ornament but need a pattern. Did you buy that deer or did you make it from a pattern somewhere?

  2. John Park says:

    Great question, I wish I had those kind of skills! It’s a pop-up ornament by Robert Sabuda that was sold at the MoMA gift shop. Here’s his site: But it doesn’t seem like that one’s for sale. Maybe searching around online will yield some results.

    If you want to make one yourself, maybe some of these designs could be modified:

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