Modkit – a graphical programming environment for Arduino

Modkit – a graphical programming environment for Arduino

Kickstarter’s project of the day for 9/25/2010 is Modkit, a graphical interface for programming Arduino that lets you drag and drop code blocks to make things happen (the video above shows one of the Modkit crimp cards, which add inputs and outputs to the Arduino so you can play with them using Modkit):

Modkit is a new kind of graphical programming environment that makes programming things in the physical world as easy as dragging and dropping little virtual code blocks in a web browser.. Heavily inspired by the Scratch programming environment (from MIT Media Lab’s Lifelong Kindergarten Group), Modkit enables anyone including kids, artists and inventors to build with electronic kits and components including motors, sensors, lights, sound and the popular Arduino and Arduino compatible development boards…

Modkit will be making an appearance at World Maker Faire NY this weekend, too (Saturday and Sunday 5:00 PM – 5:30 PM, on the Make Demo Stage):

Modkit’s creators, Ed Baafi and Collin Reisdorf are excited to show you Modkit’s latest hardware and software and are excited to see what it’s like when Maker Faire invades the East Coast. 9 year old Kofi Baafi is excited to see his first big Maker Faire and to show as many attendees as possible (especially kids), how easy it is to program with Modkit!

ModKit main window

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