New synth engine for Arduino Pocket Piano!

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New synth engine for Arduino Pocket Piano!


Designed for use with the Pocket Piano shield for Arduino, Marc Nostromo’s Squealer synthesis engine

The engine implements a small monosynth with a few waveforms, a HP/BP/LP continuous resonant filter, decay and a few little own tricks that  generate a LOT of aliases, making a great dirty digital synth.
Since the Pocket Piano has only 3 potentiometers available for control (the 4th one being hardwired to the volume), I use a “page” system to implement series of 3 parameters to fiddle with. To switch “page”, use the rightmost note of the A.P (NOT the one under the led, the one left to to it).
To help you know which page you are at, you can use the led: it will flash a number of time equivalent to the current page you are at.
Here’s the parameter list:

  • Page 1: wave selection / octave / release
  • Page 2: filter type (continuous lp-bp-hp) / filter cut-off / filter resonance
  • Page 3: wave loop position / wave loop length (makes the oscillators go wako)

The audio samples sound quite awesome! Grab the relevant Arduino code here. [via Create Digital Music]

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