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Pyrotechnical Painting

File this one under art, Arduino, and pyrotechnics: Fire Painting by Sanela Jahic is described as follows:

The cybernetic construction in “Fire Painting” sets off explosive levels of kerosene. Its burning can be handled by subtle movements of the sensory data glove for tactile formulation of the fiery image. Thus, the image can be manipulated, yet it constantly escapes control.

It’s definitely worth watching Fire Painting in action:

[via VVORK]

3 thoughts on “Pyrotechnical Painting

  1. Anonymous says:

    The devices and layout looked absolutely mad scientist while the painting, well let’s just say lacking. Heat rises therefore, placing it on the horizontal seems appropriate. Jets are far to large and too few of them. Flammable liquid should be mixed with coloring agents.

  2. AndrewS says:


  3. Fire! Fire! Fire! Make:'s Guide to Pyro | Make: says:

    […] Watch pyrotechnical artist Sanela Jahic create paintings with fire. […]

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