Ratbot from Arduino + hair remover

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Ratbot from Arduino + hair remover


Guilherme used Arduino, Braun hair removal device, XBee, servo, and casters to bring us – ratb0t!

One day my mother told me she had one hair-removal thing broken (Braun Silk Epil brand ), and she would bring it to me.
Of course I accepted, and I confess, I never tried to fix it :)

This made me think a lot on how could I twist it and use it to give life to a robot.

The most dificult part was to transform the front blades onto a wheel, I did it using pieces of bike air-chamber, rubber and hot glue.
I like the final result and works quite well!

Shame on me because I didn´t documented the building proccess.. I will try not to repeat it :)

If you have some interesting mechanical broken items I accept them :)

Next up he intends to make this nervous remote-controlled bot autonomous (thankfully, actual hair removal abilities have been removed) – ratb0t [via Hacked Gadgets]

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