Remote Dog Feeder with Twitter and Arduino

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Remote Dog Feeder with Twitter and Arduino
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Nat Morris is a maker with a penchant for home automation. The latest gadget he made uses an Arduino clone with ethernet capability and some bits and pieces from inkjet printers to feed his dog via Twitter. He even has an IP camera to keep an eye for when the dog seems hungry.

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4 thoughts on “Remote Dog Feeder with Twitter and Arduino

  1. ameyring says:

    Very sweet! We need to ration our puppy’s water during the day so he doesn’t drink all of it and pee in the house before we get home. I can see doing this feed method during the hot summer months, though. One suggestion for you is to have the food drop in a bowl so it doesn’t roll around collecting dirt or roll into a spot the dog can’t reach.

  2. Using twitter and arduino to make plants talk | Try Angles says:

    […] What is going on here is using twitter as a trigger for a tangible message relay; a simple implementation for this method is using an Arduino board’s Ethernet capabilities for hacking a toy ray gun to go off when someone tweets <#something>. A more intermediate version would be a plant life support system that not only tweets at you when it needs watering, but enables you to water the plant away from home. This can be done using a potted plant, or depending on the container, could be used for Hydroponics or Aeroponics ( Hydroponics places the plant roots in running water, where Aeroponics suspends the plant in the air, and waters the roots almost continuously). This can be done with a simple hookup of a 12v water pump controlled by Arduino. For plant based projects, I would recommend reading The Secret Life of Plants. Plants are debatably less disastrous (if anything goes wrong) than the advanced exercise: Feeding a pet. […]

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