Report from the ETech RFID/Arduino workshop

Report from the ETech RFID/Arduino workshop

Alasdair Allan at the RFID workshop

I helped Tom Igoe with the RFID/Arduino workshop at ETech, and it was a lot of fun. Really inspiring to watch people explore and make!

Alasdair Allan wrote up the workshop over at The Daily ACK:

My afternoon tutorial is Hands-on RFID for Makers given by Tom Igoe and Brian Jepson. We’ve been given, well purchased, but you know what I mean, an Arduino mini pro, a bread board and a SonMicro SM-130 module to allow us to read and write to the Mifare RFID tags that O’Reilly are using here at ETech.

We kicked off by accessing the card reader directly from our laptops using Processing and Tom’s SonMicro library, first to just read from the card and then to write to it…

The Daily ACK: ETech: Hands-on RFID for Makers

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