Servo meter, anyone?

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Todbot makes an interesting suggestion

Analog meters are hard to use in hardened environments. If you’re showing data from digital sources, why not use a digitally-controlled analog meter?

laser cut acrylic meter face & needle, tiny 25mmx12mm $3 servo, and arduino.

Servos as meters on Flickr


MotorShield for Arduino Kit

4 thoughts on “Servo meter, anyone?

  1. The Oracle says:

    It’s a cute idea that I’d never though of, I kind of like it. But when I use an analog meter, I’m going for a retro-feel to my project, otherwise I’d just use an LCD.

    It’s funny that you list “laser cut acrylic meter face & needle, tiny 25mmx12mm $3 servo, and arduino.” even emphasizing the price of the servo but you leave out the motor shield which at $20 makes this many time more expensive than a panel meter and even more expensive than the LCD option. Not to mention the added power constraints, you can forget about USB power. So it is a promising idea, but hardly a drop-in replacement.

  2. Tod E. Kurt says:

    Oracle, I didn’t use a motor shield. Just hooked the servo directly to the Arduino. This works for several small servos hooked up simultaneously.

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