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Team Twiizer is able to inject custom graphics onto a DSi via an Arduino. There isn’t a lot of information about this hack yet, but the teaser video is really cool. I’ll post more about this project when the details are unveiled.

A full week of hacking is finally giving us some fruitful results. Enjoy this small tiizer video, and stay alert for what’s yet to come! :)

A little more about Team Twiizers DSi Haxx

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6 thoughts on “Team Twiizers DSi Haxx

  1. Tordre says:

    From what I read, it appears that the Arduino is only used for the purpose of dumping the ram and bios of the new system. But this is great news of fans of home brew on both the wii or ds, this opens so many doors.

  2. Evan Kroske says:

    I guess this would be considered a black triangle; I was expecting a sophisticated graphical demo. However, even this looks difficult.

    1. Marc de Vinck says:

      Hopefully they will post more info soon, I’ll post an update if they do.

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