The Conversacube helps nerds be social

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The Conversacube helps nerds be social


Don’t know the right thing to say? Stumbling over words? Do away with uncomfortable conversation. Conversacube is a conversation aid device that will prompt you what to say and do and guide everyone toward smooth, comfortable conversation every time.

Conversacube runs on Arduino and includes IR sensors and electret microphones for detecting the presence and measuring the audio levels of conversation participants, and adjusts its cues accordingly.

(The creator, Lauren McCarthy, also created the Happiness Hat, previously featured on Make: Online.)

4 thoughts on “The Conversacube helps nerds be social

  1. TimC says:

    Sadly, the alcoholic beverage industrial complex will never let this invention see the light of day! It would put them out of business in short order.

  2. screaminscott says:

    Do they make one for the office? Because hallway and breakroom smalltalk is torture!

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