The Toa Mata Drumbots Return

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The Toa Mata Drumbots Return


A little more shadowy than their debut earlier this year, the Toa Mata bionicle robot percussion band returns, courtesy of Italian maker and sound producer Guiseppe Acito aka Opificio Sonico. Guiseppe writes,

In this video some various analog drum-synth and glockenspiel keys are played by each robot and I jam them together. This time, the MIDI sequences are driven by Ableton Live and still controlled by Arduino Uno.

He also lists all the gear in this video: Coron DS-8 Drum Synth, The Kit – Clap, Amdek PCK 100, Boss PC-2, Korg Kaossilator, Korg R3, Alesis Philtre, Arduino UNO, Ableton Live, Novation Launchpad.

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Here’s to hoping the Toa Mata will go on a road tour and play at a club near you, or perhaps at Maker Faire Rome in October!

There’s also an extended downloadable MP3 of the track on Soundcloud, as well as “backstage” photos on this Flickr page.


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