Tux Cases for Arduino and Raspberry Pi Now Available in the Maker Shed

Arduino Raspberry Pi
Tux Cases for Arduino and Raspberry Pi Now Available in the Maker Shed

These beautifully CNC machined Aluminum cases for the Arduino Uno and Raspberry Pi are now available in the Maker Shed. Tux Labs has done a fantastic job of designing and refining these cases for our (and your) needs and have even laser-etched the MAKE logo on the top of each acrylic cover.


The Arduino Uno case lifts the board up high enough so you can attach a shield, even when the acrylic’s in place. The holes in the acrylic give you room to press the reset button on your Uno, whether it’s Rev 2 or 3, and gives you access to all male headers protruding from the board, if you need them.

MKTL01-Tux-3 2

The Raspberry Pi case, like the Uno case, keeps your board off the Aluminum with plastic spacers, and has holes cut into the acrylic for airflow. There’s room for an Adafruit Pi Cobbler as well, so you can still access the GPIO pins while keeping your Pi safe. If you want to use a shield like the Alamode, you can leave the acrylic top piece off and it’ll fit just fine.

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