Two new Arduino & Processing online classes: video mixing & visualization

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Two new Arduino & Processing online classes: video mixing & visualization

Video Mixer

In February and March, O’Reilly Media is running two online classes with instructor Joseph Gray. The classes are free to attend if you’re watching them online live, and they will be available for sale after the classes are over:

Session 1: Build a Video Mixer–February 25, 2011, 10 a.m. (PST)

Create a video mixing application from scratch with Processing, the Arduino board, and the projBox Kit. The finished application will let you load video files and live camera input, crossfade between video sources, and display the mix in real time. You’ll also integrate effects, like color adjustment and playback speed. With the projBox, you’ll integrate custom hardware to control your application.

Session 2: Create an Audio Visualizer–March 11, 2011, 10 a.m. (PST)

Build an audio visualization tool from the ground up with Processing and the Arduino platform. Your finished application will animate graphics on screen that respond to live audio input. The app will listen to external audio from a built-in computer microphone or audio input jack, and analyze that audio to display audio waveforms in real time. The projBox hardware will give you manual control of the audio visualization.

Live Online Course: Processing and Arduino in Tandem: Video Mixer and Audio Visualizer

In the Maker Shed:


ProjBox Kit for Arduino

ProjBox Kit for Arduino

The kit, which requires no soldering, is ideal for beginners in electronics and physical computing. The projBox itself is a simple, laser-cut box designed to hold an Arduino and a breadboard (both included). The lid of the box has pre-cut holes for attaching knobs, switches, and other components. Ports cut in the end of the box allow access to both the USB and external power jacks of the Arduino. The projBox is particularly ideal for projects where the Arduino is being used as a physical interface for software running on a separate computer.

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