Using Arduino with Ableton’s Max for Live software

Arduino Music

Liubo documents the setup/customization involved with routing Arduino sensor data to the Max for Live software. Joining the audio capabilities of Ableton Live with the malleable data processing of Max/MSP, this should make controlling multimedia with hardware a relatively simple task (and likely a much faster than before). From Ableton’s site

Basically, Max for Live is a tool kit for making new devices. Think of a diverse and comprehensive set of building blocks that you can use to build pretty much anything you can think of. These building blocks include basic objects such as “+”, audio elements such as filters and oscillators, user interface objects, and a set of objects that regulate access to Live and hardware devices. Max for Live also provides a canvas where you can place and connect these objects with virtual wires. Flowing through these wires are audio, MIDI or video signals, or any other kind of data. Max is essentially a visual programming environment where you build courses or tracks for these signals to run through.

Looks like a good time to begin work on that interpretive dance/ambient soundscape performance!

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