Voice Shield + joystick = ? suggestions wanted

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Voice Shield + joystick = ? suggestions wanted

I just got a Voice Shield kit for Arduino (analog audio shield that allows you to record and play audio sound bytes), along with a 2-axis joystick (fancy analog interface to two potentiometers).

= ?

Once I’ve got the shield put together I’m going to make a basic how-to video on triggering it with the joystick. Any suggestions on what I should demo? Such as, trigger sound bytes at different rates? Try to mix tiny samples one after another at different pitches to create harmonies? Henny Youngman soundboard? Please add suggestions in the comments.

You can buy the Voice Shield kit for Arduino the 2-axis joystick and an Arduino in the Maker Shed.

12 thoughts on “Voice Shield + joystick = ? suggestions wanted

  1. sburlappp says:

    You could make a remote control for other people.

    “Hey you, go left!”

    1. John Park says:

      Haha, that’s a fun idea, thanks.

  2. Jarett says:

    You should make a talking Simon game: it speaks a list of directions, then you have to copy it with the joystick.

    1. John Park says:

      I like that one too, thanks. One thing I’m curious about is how to highlight the fact that it’s an analog joystick, not simply a four or eight position switch…

  3. Brick Moon says:

    and this may be a bit more than you had in mind, but how about a device that takes audio samples and modulates a mix of the speed, timbre and/or pitch, filtering, or distortion with the different axes of the joystick? You’d probably need to use an additional board of some sort for this?

    1. John Park says:

      I’d love to head in that direction with it. Probably more than I’ll bite off right now, I think the chip on the Voice Shield is tuned for direct playback, not messing with the output, but maybe another board, like you suggested would be fun.

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