6 Projects We’re Excited for at Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire

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Makers, innovators, crafters, artists, engineers and creators of all sorts and from all over Scotland will show off their projects, experiments, and creations at the Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire on Sunday, April 16.

For the fifth consecutive year, the Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire is the fabulous grand finale of the Edinburgh International Science Festival and this year it will be more interactive than ever.

The enthusiastic makers, who will fill the Summerhall’s creative spaces, corridors, and courtyard, will bring interactive projections and 3D mapping installations, computer graphics and games, innovative musical instruments, creative objects, fascinating inventions, demonstrations of a variety making techniques, and a whole host of hands-on activities.

You can browse through all the 2017 makers in the exhibitor listings, but there will be much more happening at Summerhall on the day.

Andrew Ferguson will bring WILSON, an interactive display that takes things very personally. Created using 3D projection mapping, Wilson personality defined by how you treat him and, more importantly, how you treat the people around you.

The Projector Club will amaze you with a site specific, interactive installation of lights and animations.

You will also be invited to test your fitness as you use Fergus Walker’s Pedal Powered Cycle Mill. A quick ride on Fergus’s bike will give you enough artisan flour for a variety of home-based baking projects.

If you like video games, you will have the opportunity to be playful and have fun with the Edinburgh Napier Arcade!

You can also join researchers from OPTIMA in a special workshop to experiment with one of the oldest forms of photography and create your own image to take home.

Terence Finnegan, Event Developer at the Science Festival said: “The Mini Maker Faire will be more interactive than ever to show that with a little help and inspiration, we can all be a maker.”

Get your tickets now for the Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire and glimpse the future!

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Stefano Ragusa

Stefano Modica Ragusa works in the Marketing and Communications Department of Edinburgh International Science Festival. He is an enthusiast of innovation and creativity.

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