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If I were going to be a super hero, it would be hard to choose between Carl Sagan Man and James Burke Man. I love this show, and now I can watch it to my heart’s content, for free. All three Connections series are available, as well as The Day The Universe Changed. [via adafruit]

8 thoughts on “Entire James Burke Connections series streaming free

  1. Simon says:

    What about Tim Hunkin man? http://www.timhunkin.com

  2. volkemon says:

    Cool! Thanks Sean!!!!!!

    I LOVED watching those series, and have long ago lost track of the videotapes I had made of them.

    Tonights treat. :)

  3. Brit Cruise says:

    Sweet! Check out http://www.artoftheproblem.net it is a new series inspired by connections

  4. Earth, Plants, Animals, Little Kids, and Good People...Successive Essentials. says:

    …now research youtube ‘cafr’…or we are all looking upon the ceasing of the generational primates, commonly referred to as Homosapien. Tribalism, as convoluted as it has become is ruining all the future fun man Thank You.

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