“Eyes-Free” Android interface

Computers & Mobile

The MIT Technology Review website has an article highlighting the work of T.V. Raman and Charles Chen, two Google engineers working on an eyes-free interface for Android called Marvin.

“We are building a user interface that goes over and beyond the screen,” says Raman. Often, eyes-free interfaces are employed for blind users, but Raman, who himself is blind, assures that these interfaces have much broader implications. “This is not just about the blind user,” he says. “This is about how to use these devices if you’re not in a position to look at the machine.”

This effort at creating a new interface is in line with the notion of “programs without borders” and is exactly the sort of thing that gets me excited about Android. With a system designed to foster mash-ups, each new component amps up the possibility you’ll find the elegant solution you’re looking for.

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