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iPad Home Button Child Lock

Next to duct tape, the binder clip has to be one of the more universal go-to items when improvising a short term solution to an interesting problem. If you’ve ever enjoyed the magic of child iPasification then you are also aware of the annoying little issue of said child clicking the home button and potentially wreaking havoc on your device. A software solution is not out of the question, but if you’re looking for a quick fix you might want to consider Carlos J. Gomez de Llarena‘s suggestion of using a binder clip as a makeshift child lock. It may not be foolproof since kids are pretty inventive when it comes to breaking into things, but at least you can take advantage of their poor motor skills as a deterrent. (Thanks, Carlos!)

24 thoughts on “iPad Home Button Child Lock

  1. Steve Hoefer says:

    Great idea! And if you’re really concerned about inquisitive fingers you can remove the clip handles (Squeeze them together, they pop in and out pretty easily). A binder clip without handles in very difficult to remove.

    (I’d say I’m worried about the pressure a binder clip puts on the device but I’ve binder clipped my iPhone to things as improvised tripods, so I don’t think I can criticize.)

  2. collegiatehandy says:

    Kind of off-topic (but I do like that solution). It’s amazing to visit my friends every couple of weeks and see their 2-year old interact with their ipad. I never would have imagined how quickly children can learn to use technology (granted, I’m not around kids all that often). It kind of leads to the bigger question of the kind of impact technology has on generations.

    Off the top of my head, and before my second cup of coffee, I can think of a few generations-defined-by-technology. Pocket calculator, Atari, NES, PC, and now ipod/ipad?

    People who grew up roughly 20-40 years ago are at the cutting edge of development for some of these modern products. Imagine what the current generation will be developing in 20 or so years. Are we going to see an even more exponential growth in technology? Interesting stuff.

  3. Tim Pham says:

    Maybe glue a thin piece of rubber or felt to the part that contacts the iPad so that no scratches appear when a kid tries to slide that clip off.

  4. Alan says:

    Great idea. I also love how you managed to slip an eggcorn into the post. While this is clearly not as full-proof as a cup with a hole in it, it is reasonably fool-proof.

  5. Joe Nash says:

    About time Apple put multi-user login in iOS for families!

    1. Fake Teresa Strasser says:

      I’m sure they will some day… The question is when? iOS 4.3 barely made any advances in making Apple devices more child-friendly.

  6. Fake Teresa Strasser says:

    There’s a fairly new commercial solution to this problem called the BubCap home button cover. It’s an adhesive-backed tab that’s just rigid enough to deter toddlers from pressing the home button, but flexible enough that parents can still press it. If you share your device with your toddler often, it’s pretty handy, because you just leave it on at all times.

    With BubCaps in mind, I copied their functionality two different ways:
    1) I cut a piece of plastic from clamshell packaging and adhered it over the home button using double-sided tape, and that worked pretty well (though the adhesive bond could have been stronger).

    2) I sandwiched the same plastic between two pieces of black electrical tape, which also worked.

    On the other hand BubCaps are only $5 for a 4-pack, so the do-it-yourself solution is probably the better solution for makers only.

  7. Brendan says:

    Since the iPad is such a great device for kids, I hope Apple does more to create multi-user and parental controls at various software levels. In the mean time, something like the BubCap makes sense. For parents using the iPad 1 with their kids, a great case is the Muvn Case. It’s lightweight and durable foam which protects both iPad and kids from the occasional bump. Also, it mounts on a car headrest so kids can watch videos and animations on the road. See it at http://www.gomuvn.com or on Amazon.com

  8. Anonymous says:

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  9. jerry says:

    Designed by Apple, the ipad 3 cases simply are sturdy enough to handle kids beatdowns, while still preserving the elegant dashing looks and thin appearance.

  10. Kat1 says:

    Here’s an old-school solution: Don’t let the kid play with the thing. Problem solved! You’re welcome.

  11. Today’s Hint: The iPhone Feature All Parents Should Know About – Hint Mama says:

    […] try covering the home button with a binder clip, a clever tip from Carlos J. Gómez de Llarena that Makezine.com and Parent Hacks […]

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