ROM Dumping Leads to Discovery of 25 Year Old Easter Egg

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ROM Dumping Leads to Discovery of 25 Year Old Easter Egg

Adam Mayer and Trammell Hudson from NYC Resistor uncovered a series of photos stored in the ROM of an old Macintosh SE. We’ve previously covered the ROM dumping that’s been going on the Brooklyn-based hackerspace and it looks like they’ve uncovered quite an easter egg. While the existence of one of the images was already known, they used their own homebrew python tools to uncover the rest. Presumably, the people in the photos are the team members behind the creation of the Macintosh SE. Check out their full write up for how they uncovered this incredible digital time capsule.

UPDATE: Since publishing, I was able to find a few other references to these images online, but none that discuss how to get the data itself off the ROM, only how to display the image on the Mac’s screen.

14 thoughts on “ROM Dumping Leads to Discovery of 25 Year Old Easter Egg

  1. Paul Campbell says:

    I’m pretty sure we knew that was there back in ’84 – maybe it was forgotten

  2. Angus Baconhead Hines III says:

    I guess the real question lies in Who are those people ? and Where are they now ? ? ?

  3. Paul Campbell says:

    here we go – I remember there being a magic command to print it out:

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