Don’t Miss The Urban Sensor Hack Conclusion: Exciting Project Demos

Don’t Miss The Urban Sensor Hack Conclusion: Exciting Project Demos


Tomorrow, October 17th, at 6:30pm ET/3:30pm PT, join us for the final live hangout of Urban Sensor Hack. This will be an engaging broadcast, as members of our participating teams will share their projects with the Make community.

For the last few weeks, Make has been hosting Urban Sensor Hack, offering lively, twice-weekly presentations from master makers about the various ways sensor technology is being built and utilized in municipal environments by citizens, ranging from geiger counter networks to DIY water-quality meters to hyper-local climate monitoring tools that broadcast globally. Experts include Alasdair Allan, Kipp Bradford, Sean Montgomery, Tomas Diez, Tim Dye, Michael Heimbinder, Iem Heng, and Raymond Yap.

These discussions have provided inspiration and information for the interactive component of Urban Sensor Hack: we’ve  equipped a group of participants with an extensive sensor supply kit in order to have them develop and discuss new sensor-based tools and ideas. Tomorrow’s hangout will focus on these teams and their creations, examining what ways they’ve incorporated sensor technology into their builds. Want to see what they’ve done? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

And as we move beyond tomorrow’s broadcast, these pages will continue to stay open and active, so please visit them for more information and contribute any notes on sensor projects which you may be undertaking. Good luck, and see you on the hangout!


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