Four More Awesome Projects Shared by MAKE Readers

Four More Awesome Projects Shared by MAKE Readers

“Your Projects” is a column that features some of the awesome creations our readers have been making. These projects from our readers come from the MAKE Google+ Community and beyond.


On our Google+ page, Louis Pelissier shared:

After a few failed attempts we got the memory game to work. Quite a challenge for the kids. None of their video games or toys require this kind of memory recall.


Nicholas St Gabriel noticed his drill charger wasn’t working, so he cracked it open and replaced a burnt out resistor. He elaborates:

I’m working on a Netduino project and just as I started drilling holes in its final enclosure, I noticed the batteries for my drill were not charged. I knew I had plugged them in overnight so I did a little digging and managed a repair.

The part to replace seemed obvious once I cracked open the wall wart and now it seems to be working fine.

I know that its not much of a Maker project, but I for a few minutes I thought about buying a new charger and this definitely saved me some time and cash.

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Muthanna Attyah shares his latest work-in-progress:

I took long time building the software to drive the Robotis AX-18A servos and AX-S1 sensor. Now I have almost a complete library (C/C++) to do all sort of low level actions. I need more time to build the high level movements and sensing actions. I will share all details and videos as and when it is ready.


Peter Fröhlich showed off the first prototype of his belt-driven electric longboard. Can’t wait to see how this project develops.

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