HELLO! My Name is LED Nametag Kit

HELLO! My Name is LED Nametag Kit

Larry Ogrodnek created this fun LED Nametag Kit, an electronics hobbyist’s version of those ubiquitous “HELLO! My Name Is” stickers that are typically worn at awkward gatherings. An onboard Attiny13 microcontroller allows you to switch between four built-in programs: all letters on, letter chase, fade, and blink. To help you make your own custom nametag, Larry even set up an online name layout tool to help you figure out where the LEDs should be placed before you solder them in. Not only that, but he also made the code completely open source if you want to try your hand at hacking the badge. The LED Nametag Kit is available for $20 through PayPal and Etsy and will be available in The Maker Shed in January. [via Technabob]

2 thoughts on “HELLO! My Name is LED Nametag Kit

  1. Anonymous says:

    FAIL: not enough room for “Inigo Montoya”.  

    Well, I guess you could just use “Inigo”, but you’d have to be dressed the part…

    Otherwise, very nice.

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