Learn BeagleBone From the Experts at Maker Faire

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Learn BeagleBone From the Experts at Maker Faire


With the release of the BeagleBone Black and its dramatic price reduction from the original BeagleBone, there’s been a flurry of interest in the open source embedded Linux development board. At Maker Faire New York next weekend, there will be no shortage of BeagleBone projects, presentations, and enthusiasts. Here’s a small taste of what to look out for if you’re interested in learning about the BeagleBone:

  • Getting Started with BeagleBone Black: The BeagleBone Black is a completely Open Hardware and Software single board computer for makers. Have you tried it? Come learn a bit about the BeagleBone Black and find out if it is right for your next project.
  • Face Detection in Ten Minutes with BeagleBone Black: In this talk, BeagleBoard.org co-founder Jason Kridner discusses how to use the OpenCV open-source library on the BeagleBone Black open-source computer to implement face detection applications and add elegant mustaches and other new features to your mug. Jason demonstrates his BeagleStache camera application as an example of this application.
  • Five Easy Tricks You Can Teach Your BeagleBone using JavaScript: In this talk, Jason Kridner, co-founder of BeagleBoard.org, discusses five quick tricks every BeagleBone Black owner can teach their “pup” in just a few minutes using JavaScript. Jason gives an overview of how to connect physical buttons and sliders to virtual buttons and sliders using jQuery; produce interactive web graphics including a weather station using an pressure, temperature and force sensors with Processing.JS; publish and subscribe to data over the Internet using Spacebrew; graph analog and audio data using photoresistors and USB audio dongles with Flot; and finally to teach JavaScript as a first programming language using Blockly.
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Matt Richardson is a San Francisco-based creative technologist and Contributing Editor at MAKE. He’s the co-author of Getting Started with Raspberry Pi and the author of Getting Started with BeagleBone.

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