Have A Happy Pi Day with this Baker’s Dozen of Raspberry Pi Projects

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Have A Happy Pi Day with this Baker’s Dozen of Raspberry Pi Projects
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The Raspberry Pi is a great platform to rapidly build fun electronics projects. And since it’s Pi Day here in the States —yes, we really do order the date by month/day/year, 3/14/15— we thought it’s a great time to share thirteen of our favorite Pi projects.

This collection of projects —hyperlink in the slideshow— will teach you how to use your Pi to control a microwave, send images over SSTV, browse the Internet anonymously, create custom audio compilation, surveil a remote location, illuminate the road with a gif off the back of your bike, and track your crypto currency investments.

Take a break and read a great story on the Pi-based Piper kit, then get your game on with the BMO, control your SLR camera, broadcast your own FM radio station, translate almost any language in real time, and even trick out your car with a Pi-powered entertainment system.

Like we mentioned, the Pi is great for all types of projects. If you happen to take on one of these projects, let us know how it went for you in the comments below.

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