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So You Have a Raspberry Pi… Now What?

Raspberry Pi
So You Have a Raspberry Pi… Now What?

I love talking to people about Raspberry Pi, but quite often I hear people say, “I just bought a Raspberry Pi and I don’t know what to do with it!” I understand this dilemma. When I’m playing with a cool new technology that has so many possible uses, it can sometimes feel a bit paralyzing when the time comes to decide what to do with it. This is especially true when each project requires an investment of considerable time and resources. Like the paradox of Buridan’s ass, this means that many Raspberry Pis are left to gather dust on shelves and in drawers. We want to do our part to fix that.

If you have a Raspberry Pi that’s collecting dust, this post is for you. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite project ideas and applications that might inspire your next project on the Pi.

22 thoughts on “So You Have a Raspberry Pi… Now What?

  1. zizzer says:

    The Make blog seems to have become the Raspberry Pi blog recently, it’s a bit frustrating. There used to be a whole stream of interesting little projects every day on the blog, and now it’s pretty much all just reviews, interviews, notices for events and Raspberry Pi projects.

    Did someone make a conscious decision to leave all the cool hardware stuff for Hackaday to post?

    1. Gareth Branwyn says:


      Sorry you find the amount of Pi content too much. We actually only usually run 3-4 Pi-related posts a week. But we are ramping up the Pi recently because of the anniversary of the system and the launch of our RBpi contest.

      But there is plenty of other content besides RBpi. This year we have our daily themes (Monday Jolt, Toolsday, Workshop Wednesday, 3D Thursday, Family Friday), and our Component of the Month series. We have more original daily content on MAKE than ever,

      And we’re running as much Pi content as we are because it’s popular. Our audience (in general) wants it. Is there a particular type of hardware content you’d like to see more of?

      1. zizzer says:

        Hi Gareth,

        Thanks for the reply. Generally I’d like to see more interesting little projects from genuine hobbyists, more inspiring ‘built from scratch’ sort of projects. Recent examples are the Brake cable solder dispenser, rocket stove and wooden mallet. Jimmy DiResta’s videos are a good example too.

        Basically I’d like to see more making!

      2. Rob T Firefly says:

        I would like you to run approximately 3.14159 Pi posts per week.

        1. Jerry Carter says:

          Don’t you mean 6.28318 Pi posts per week?

          1. lastheorem says:

            Jerry Carter, Oh, you’ve come full circle!

  2. Aurock says:

    Most of this looks like a repost of previously featured projects, but there are a couple I haven’t seen before. The topic of the post is perfect for me, I’ve got a couple of Pi’s, and one is set up for a neat project, the other one my kid is just using to toy around in minecraft until I find a good use for it.

    Thanks for the ideas. I do wish you wouldn’t insist on using the slideshow format though. . .

    1. So You Have a Raspberry Pi… Now What? Matt Richardson says:

      In regard to the slideshow, click “View All” button beneath the slideshow if you prefer scrolling through the photos and their captions.

  3. jarfil says:

    This happens only to people who got themselves a single Raspberry, and are unsure where to use the precious thing. Get yourself three or five of them, and you will spend no time wondering if such or that project is “worth it” to use one, you just use it and see where things go from there.

  4. Robert says:

    1. Why is Make blog now swallowing my middle-clicks?
    2. Do you have any idea how annoying that is?

    1. miroslava von schlockbaum says:

      thank you! i thought i was imagining things. i didn’t even know that it was possible for host to affect specific browser response to mouse action. the question is, why would makezine want to defeat such a useful facility?

    2. Alan Dove says:

      They definitely screwed up something in the code. I noticed that I can’t command-click to open a link in a new tab on Firefox/Mac. However, middle-click (or rather, two-finger click, as it’s done on the Mac trackpad) still works. In Safari, both middle-click and command-click still work. So it’s something that specifically affects some browsers and not others, apparently.

      Make crew, can you please send a bug report to your tech folks? Thanks.

      Also, thanks a ton for installing a working “View All” button on slideshows, finally.

      1. Jake Spurlock says:

        Finally since February 19th!

        1. Alan Dove says:

          I said “working.” This is the first time it’s actually functioned properly for me – and I’m not alone, if you check comments on some previous slideshows.

    3. So You Have a Raspberry Pi… Now What? Matt Richardson says:

      Thanks for the feedback. I’ve submitted it to the appropriate team at MAKE.

    4. Jake Spurlock says:

      Hi, MAKE web producer here. I can concur that is this happening. I can see it on my computer running Firefox 19.0.2 OSX version. I don’t know what to say here… Weird bug that seems more browser based then HTML/CSS/JS based. I have seen a couple of people posting about it in the mozilla support forums. Doesn’t seem to affect other browsers. Will keep looking into it. Thanks.

      1. miroslava von schlockbaum says:

        yet i see the problem only on makezine …and i’m using Firefox Nightly 22.0a1

  5. Ajit Jaokar (@AjitJaokar) says:

    sorry this may seem silly .. but where exactly are your 12 projects? all I see is the ‘design contest’ and the ‘related posts’

    1. So You Have a Raspberry Pi… Now What? Matt Richardson says:

      I’ve passed this information along to our web producer. Thanks.

  6. Trav says:

    I still don’t see the “view all” for the slide show. Only slides with arrows, comment box and an option to see the slide full screen.

    1. So You Have a Raspberry Pi… Now What? Matt Richardson says:

      A new technical issue has cropped up. I’ve alerted Jake, our Web Producer.

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