RoboGames: The Mayhem Starts Tomorrow

RoboGames: The Mayhem Starts Tomorrow

The video above is a great example of the sort of action you’ll see at RoboGames. Tomorrow kicks off the 10th year of the event, a three-day extravaganza of robots and technology. The dozens of competitions cover everything from line following and fire fighting to weight lifting and mech warfare.

If you’re in the Bay Area, consider stopping by for at least a few hours; it’s going to be a blast. If you can’t make it, leave a comment below with the competition you’d like to see photos of and I’ll do my best to cover it.

6 thoughts on “RoboGames: The Mayhem Starts Tomorrow

  1. jb says:

    That was epic. I’d enjoy seeing content about any AI competitions, especially any with Turing events.

    1. Eric Weinhoffer says:

      Well, I’ll definitely see a lot of AI stuff, so no worries there…

  2. vitaliy says:

    Its terrible. I was one of the participants and it was extremely unorganized and rules weren’t followed. I did the NATCAR competition and the rule interpretation changed so I was disqualified but really the first two guys should be disqualified so I went from second to forth place. Other events that people worked hard for were also unorganized and the lack of interest was evident.

    People come from all over the world to compete and they get like 20 min of poorly organized competition with little to no spectators per event. The fighting bots is the main event and that has a ton of room to improve. I would never pay 65 dollars as a spectator because its not very exciting and poorly organized. I could go on and on. The show has a ton of potential but they are not delivering.

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